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Group Hug meme


=_= I didn't put too much effort in this so hands and people may look weird

Blank: [link]

Since yesterday I thougth It'd be a nice way to tell alviss how much I appreciate she had created tea academy. I've met a lot of cool people here. And I hace a lot of fun too.
Indeed It's the first time I create a character and I'm happy with her.
Now I understand when people say their characters life by themselve :D

This is kind of weird and funny.

Sapphire is making fun of CLaire and Yuurei's relationship. Since Claire says she's in love with Yuurei and Yuurei told her he'll wait for her (until she grows up)
Poor Kinchi is always under some girl in my drawings
It's the first time I made Kuu and I like her :O
Oh It's not my best Nasika but I think she has to be next to claire in whatever that means Hug :D

Claire's mine.
Yuurei and Ginseng (the dog) belongs to alvissroxz
Kuu belongs to Sourl
Kinchi belongs to Etto-sama
Sapphire belongs to alchemistgirl
Nasika belongs to NasikaSakura
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ITS GINSENG CHAN~~~~:heart:O7O~:heart:
here boy~~~~!!!XDDD
i didnt know kinchi is part of your family too~~
that soooo sweet~~~~~~~~~~~:heart:X333333
i feel loved~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TTWTT
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you're loved :D
And this is group hug meme XD not family meme but Well it's with the characters claire love the most and with the people I chat the most. n_n

Oh and Kinchi, Kuu wants to know if she's really that heavy *giggles and run*
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yay yay~~~:heart:

[dont be upsad lol kuu~~xDD]
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I'm sorry Kinchi you're always under somebody in my drawings *giggles* Not fair. But <.<... >.>that's beacause I think you're strong XD *pats his head*
etto-sama's avatar
you bet he's strong~XD
dont underestimate his strenght lolz~
eventhough he looked weak...xDDDD
RachelLevitte's avatar
XD Of course he is!
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kinchi:but're still really kinda heavy....

heyy~~~how rude~~XDDDD
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Awww kinchi XD don't say that to a girl
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Awwh I feel so loved~
Or should I say that I'm happy that my character is loved? XD
I like your version of Kuu as well, it's cute~

Kuu: I'm not that heavy am I?
RachelLevitte's avatar
Oh I love to talk with you too =3= I talk with you more than with Kuu XD Not offence Kuu-chan

Claire: *giggles* Ask Kinchi-chan XD
sourl's avatar
Hehe I'm sure Kuu doesn't mind. XD
Although you know how Yuurei says "What kind of a pervert do you think I am?" Does that mean that Yuurei is a pervert? Ahaha
I'm gonna add you as a friend if you don't mind~

Kuu: ACK! Kinchi said I was heavy. O_O!
NasikaSakura's avatar
hahaha "Doc~"

Thank you so much, hun, for making this!! :glomp:
We all love Tea-Academy and the April Fools joke got to me too!
Oh, and don't worry about Nasika. lol ^^ I think it's cool and she looks like she's wearing one of the original outfits I designed for her! 0u0 Cool! Thank you!!
hehe Everyone's so interactive here! X3
RachelLevitte's avatar
Aww and she is wearing the blue dress you showed me the other day
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It was so nice of you to think of Alviss like this! :3
You got Sapphire down perfectly with her ribbing Yuu over Claire. You really brightened my day with her calling Yuu "Doc". X3
RachelLevitte's avatar
XD THanks. Yeah well Claire is swinging between Nasika and Yuu, so Yuu have to hug her or she'll fall down or over Nasika XD. I loved Sapphire saying that too XD
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AWWWW *hugs* XD

I'm so glad you like the academy. It's been an honor meeting a lot of you too. :huggle::heart:

This is super adorable XD
RachelLevitte's avatar
thanks n_n Yeah It's been a great project. I gotta tell y'a after the april's joke D: I was like. Nuu.
So If some day you want to close the academy, at least I already told y'a how much I appreciate the academy XD
alvichi's avatar
you're very welcome :huggle:

Aww, i'm sorry. I didnt mean to. I will never close it ^_^
NasikaSakura's avatar
We love Tea-Academy!! :iconhyperplz:
alvichi's avatar
YAY! I'm glad to hear so
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