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PLEASE NOTE: even though the subject behind the image is BDSM, there's no actual nude body parts or explicit sex going on in the image, so I did not mark as mature content. If you disagree, please message me directly, don't just report it. Why? Well, I believe in giving young people information and advice about sex rather than forcing them to seek disreputable sources like rumor and inexperienced peers, or forcing them to lie about their age to get into adult content. The linked article below is about the safe ways to engage in these kinds of relationships and is not a how-to with sexual description.

Illustration from my Higher Dark Blog entry talking about consent and communication not only in BDSM with human-bodied-people but also disembodied / nonphysical entities. Check out what I have to say on the similarities between the two:…

Incidentally, this image was created in Art Rage (a light version that came with my laptop) whereas most of the previous illustrations for the blog were in Manga Studio. I really am getting to like Art Rage as it's really handy for a lot of different things.
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