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Patricia and her Champion



Patricia and her champion, Pavel

“Pavel Alexeyev rode in front of Patricia, the picture of soldierly alertness. Patricia’s scaled down broadsword hung from its scabbard at his side. He had taken her hand and placed it on his waist.
“Hold on to me, I will protecting you, my lady,” he said in deadly earnest, causing her to smile. She had chosen to bring the boy for several reasons: First, it was part of her husband’s ongoing plan to alter Pavel’s mindset concerning affection: he could display it by being her protector; secondly, since there were no adult companions available for the trip, Pavel would be the most reliable to assist in a fight; thirdly, the little vampire and her father had really seemed to get on well and it would be a treat for both of them to see each other.
As they entered London, they skirted around the less savory neighborhoods. This took a little longer, but was safer. When they reached the green near her father’s house, Pavel slowed the horse to a walk. Patricia knew he was trying to put off having the ride end as it had been such a pleasant evening...”

From the upcoming novel, Alexeyevs Ascending: Boris and Patricia Book Two


Patricia :

Hair: Mine
Dress Fabric: *Wisdoms-Pearl07 [link]

Pavel’s Sword: Personal collection of K. Smith


Palomino Hide Texture: ~romino4000 [link]

Hooves: ~kodalover [link]

Bridle, Eye: ~cyborgsuzystock [link]

Leather Texture for Saddle: ~MaddMordi-Stock [link]

Leatherwork Strap: Modelled by my handtooled leather belt.

London Green: ~Nept [link]

Gravel Path: ~ko--design [link]

London, 1779: ~bean-stock [link]
~faerietaledreams [link]

The original concept sketch is found here: [link]

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This is wonderful work. Really does remind me of England back in the 16th century. What life would have been like back then. The horse look beautiful!