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  To start counting down to the release date of my first ever art series, “Beauty Out Of Ashes” (September 4th)!
 RedFalcon23 is a very nice guy with a ton of female OCs. So far, he had made two seasons of his stories and is currently in the third season. One of his villainess, Fumika, was even kind to my character, Rachbak! The guy’s stuff is for 18 and up years older, but if you need an all-female cast and no male characters in anime, go to his page!

 So this woman, The-PirateQueen, has done crossover pictures before I even discovered crossover videos. She has sass and a powerful sense of humor in her mini-comics.
 Hey guys! I have the upmost and excellent news!!! My local library has allowed me to have my own art show! I named it “Beauty Out Of Ashes”, inspired by feminism and watching Deadpool 2.

 The show will be on September to October of this year. I will be using my own characters, which are mostly female. I am going to work on my pieces during the summer, but I do have some things for you to get excited. These things are:
1. Postings of the actual drawings
2. Fanfictions
3. Mangas
4. And doing a daily female artist  featured journals.
  Hi again! I had been watching a lot of the early 2000’s documentaries on dinosaurs and I am in love with them again. Just the way they are told by actual scientists, the narrators, and even BBC had done an amazing job at recreating what life would look like before humans took over. Also, these creatures were inspiration for as long as people kept guessing what these fossils are. 

  Alright! Enough of the Dino-fangirling! The REAL reason I am talking about dinosaurs is that I want to make fanfiction inspired by these dinosaur documentaries. I know the Jurassic Park/World fandom is rising again with the sequal coming up on June 22nd. So, to keep the whole prehistoric wagon working, I want to know if any of these tv-shows might be worth writing fiction about. 

A.) Prehistoric…
B.) Dinosaur….
C.) Chased By….
D.) Sea…
E.) When Dinosaurs Roamed….

  PS There will be a movie coming out in August called “The Meg”, which is based off of a novel. It is a combination between Jurassic Park and Jaws. I cannot wait to see it!

  So go ahead and comment below! I left the links, in case you might want to watch one of them.
 To better organize my creativity and to stay on track with it, which of my main favorites can I pursue?

a.) Favorite crossover ship
b.) Khan from Star Trek (2013)
c.) Rachbak Nippon
d.) Princess Caroline (Disney)
e.) Avengers Academy (a game I am
recently loving, that comes from Marvel!)

  If you need help, please comment below and I will be there.
  There are indeed a few great representations of people with autism in the media. When shows/movies/books/songs/etc. try to do it, they turn up with either the stereotype of the child or the soulless adult who hates people. Both of these images hurts people like me, because we sometimes look at people in the media or real life to figure out what to do in everyday life. So to find actual autistic characters in media is like "finding a needle in a haystack" (this was featured in MythBusters, so you could watch them on the Discovery GO app). But there are some films that truly catches my eyes and does reassure me I can have success in anything I do.

  The Temple Grandin biopic, which HBO aired long time ago, is based off of two books by Temple Grandin (PHD) and her mother. Played by Claire Danes (Lincoln), the film goes back & forth from Temple's childhood to when she invented the Squeeze-Machine, or otherwise known as the thing that relaxes cattle before being turned into meat. Even though this representation was based off of a real person, I really loved Biopic! Temple. I could see her as this genius woman that was navigating a confusing era with her autism. Her courage and creativity was really shown as a great thing. Plus she is one of the few rare female autistic characters that doesn't have a love interest. In turn, Temple Grandin is also a feminist icon in her own right.

#30daysofautism & #actuallyautisticartist
 I am finally done with one of my mangas, Rogue Hope!!!!!!
For any watcher of mine who loves Rachbak Nippon, this is your chance to get your ideas shown to me! My limit is five prompts, so please comment below. Have a nice night!

Quick Poll

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 20, 2018, 3:12 PM

 Since I’m letting my other poll be up there until March 1st, this journal will be turned into poll number 2. 

Question: I’m currently doing a manga featuring Caroline, one of my autistic OCs, in a crossover with Universal Studios. Which ones?

a) The Mummy (2017)
b) Jaws
c) Twister
d) The Mummy (late 90’s to early 2000’s)
e) Jurassic World

 Please comment below for your vote!

Hello Everyone!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 28, 2018, 7:35 PM
  I noticed how some artists have like daily specials for their art (Throwback Thursdays, Caturdays, etc.), so how do you like the idea of me doing one? Please let me know down in the comments!

 Oh! I’m going to Florida on Wednesday and won’t be back until Monday. So expect some Disney & Universal drawings and fics!

Hey guys! I will be taking a breather from this account, due to a recent “nightmare of the past” doing something that goes against their kinky ways and the politics of being autistic online. 😞

  It may take a week or more, depending on how much I get my sense of routine back. If there are any emergencies you need me to answer, let me get to them next week.

 I’ll miss you!
  Autistic Reader Insert fan fictions!!!! Basically, reader inserts designed for people on the spectrum. If anyone wants suggestions, I will be glad to put in the stories. Feel free to comment below!
  So I am working on two five issue zines. Let me tell you the two:

👩🏻‍🎤Explaining Autism-An easier and free magazine for anyone on the autism spectrum and those who knew them. It is mainly for females on the spectrum, but boys are welcomed. You, your parents, and maybe your teachers may love it. After all, what better way to learn about autism than in manga form?

👩🏼‍⚖️Release Guide-Now for those who may love bondage, please look away now. Because this guide is for mentally disabled people that face brainwashing and entrapment when they get face-to-face with bondage online. This will help someone, instead of going through all of the depression & shame alone.

  Now that you read the description and issue 1 of Explaining Autism, I’m wondering if you want to be part of these works. If so, please comment or Note me. I will be helpful with any questions you ask.

Your Busy Artist,
  On Saturday, I am going to work at Anime Fest, a local anime convention in my hometown. I will be selling stuff for an affordable price-range, which can be beneficial for everyone. I might be busy, so if I seem to answer your messages after 4 pm, just know I was having a good time at the event. If there are leftovers, I may post them. Wish me luck!


PS There are no fetishes in my work & I will not take any fetish requests/art trades/commissions. I will not risk my wonderful opportunities to please anyone's sexual stimulations. 
  I got a great opportunity this month, because from the 24th until the 30th, it is Banned Book Week. That includes comic books. I don't want to see the materials I love turn to something illegal by others, so I am making posters, stories, and comics. In that way, I can convince people to keep those books open for everyone!
  After some cleaning up, I am open for requests/art trades. But the only thing I ask for is no violence/fetish. Thank you!
  All requests, art trades, commissions, etc. will be closed. The darkness that lies within bondage had reared its ugly head again and I am afraid of people who are into that will taint my soul, causing my creativity to be dark and unwelcoming to the public. Even though I thought I was accepting towards people with dark interests, I was secretly against it. For one thing, I feel like really no one ever cared for those with special needs. Two, I bet health problems comes out of these practices or, in some twisted viewers, death!


  I was always nice and caring with a touch of trust, but I feel like I'm being fooled by the illusion of nice people with kinky tastes. I wonder how you even lie to your loved ones about this. Plus all of the waiting for one reply makes me feel empty. All I ever wanted was people to accept me for me & get interested in ideas I think can make life better for people like me. That was what I simply wanted when I get on this site six years ago.

  Now I just want to draw for me. No one else on this site. Almost everybody cares about whatever makes their hormones go wild or fame. 😞😠😢😔😫😩😥

  I'm sorry, but that is the truth.

Goodbye for now…
  I had noticed that there is a lot of Reader X fanfictions. Would you guys like to have one of my original characters? It would help me get into writing more of my original stories in the future. Please comment or Note me, if interested or if you want one.
  You know the net neutrality thing? Well, I signed their petition and a call came in at midnight. Now this is where satefty comes in. I could have been talking to a serial person! So I need to lay low for a while. I might be doing some stories/comics, but no more RPs or comments. My trust on this site can never be the same again.

  Same thing with teenagers. No matter where you live, some of them will never care about your dog dying or if you have a mental condition. They just are uncaring ghouls with a sweet face. I can't be around such cultures.

  Goodbye for now.