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Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you my very own, properly published with an actual coloring book publisher, Dragon Adventure Coloring Book! It's available on Amazon and Create Space.

Kaleidoscopia Dragon Adventure by rachaelm5

The coloring folios I had available previously are now collectors' items. While I do have a few left, I won't be making any more of them outside of special requests or special occasions. The new coloring book is quite a bit more efficient in terms of production costs, and in terms of the sheer quantity of dragon drawings we managed to squish into it. 

The paper is a lighter weight than what I was using for my old coloring folios, but it still has a thickness and tooth that is good for markers, colored pencils, and crayons. The book is "permabound", which means you can't take the individual pages out. I'm pleased with the way the proof copy turned out, though, so I'm ready to unleash it to the world. :D

The front and back cover illustrations are my own work. The lettering, layout, and graphic design were done by the editor/publisher duo at Kaleidoscopia. 

On a side note: At the publisher's request, I have replaced quite a few of the coloring pages I had posted on DA with "display only" copies. There are still several of my favorite dragons available as coloring pages, and I will *certainly* be adding more in the future. I have 19 waiting for digital cleanup even as I type, and I'll post them as I finish the digital tidying phase.


"Planning" means that I'm thinking about your project, but don't have anything on paper yet.  

"In Progress" means that I am actively working on your project. I am drawing it, or inking it, or coloring it.  


Commissions: Closed for 2016.
Trades:  Closed for 2016.
Requests:  I do not do requests or freebies at all; I simply do not have time.
Charity:  I rarely do charity art; please DO NOT ASK.  I'll choose my own causes to support.
Kiribans:  Next one at 300,000 pageviews.

The Dastardly Project List

:star: Kiribans/Contest Prizes
[None at this time.] 

:star:  Commissions and Trades
:bulletgreen:  Note:  These items were already underway before 2016 rolled around.  They will all be completed, but no new ones will be accepted.

:bulletred:  Commission: A Stone Dragon "rainbow" diptych, with dragons based on the Chinese zodiac, for Mom.  BIG.    Part 1 done; Part 2 in progress.
:iconlakandiwa: Trade: Four-seasons dragons.  Spring, Winter, and Summer complete.  Autumn in progress.
:bulletred: Three projects for Dave, an old friend from college days. In progress.
:iconjadethepredator:  Trade:  Two of her characters in dramatic poses, wielding fire.  In progress.

:star:  Long-Term Waiting List (Updated 20 October 2015):
:bulletgreen:  When I am available for art trades, these folks get first dibs on open slots.


© 2015 - 2021 rachaelm5
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WyldeWyndWalker's avatar
got a couple in my shopping cart. Will be purchasing before christmas!
rachaelm5's avatar
Awesome; thanks!
WyldeWyndWalker's avatar
purchased one for my daughter as a christmas gift....she is going to love this
PurlyZig's avatar
yay!  totally on my wishlist and I'm getting one for a lucky lady too!  thanks so much for making your artwork available for us to color and enjoy :)
rachaelm5's avatar
Awesome; thank you!
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Congrats on becoming a published artist! It's so awesome that you have your own book! :w00t:
rachaelm5's avatar
Thanks very much!  I think it's very exciting.  What really tickled me, for some reason, was the idea of having my Very Own ISBN.  ;-)
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Heheh. I think it's an excellent reason to be tickled. Not everybody can say they have their own ISBN. :D
Moonlightelf's avatar
I am very sad to see so many go at one go... I didn't even manage to save the linearts... so I am quite disappointed to see 43 of the designs that I REALLY wanted to color go poof... And I can't even order anything through Amazon...
And I suppose digital copies to be sold is out of question...
And the probability of book coming to Finland...

So... congratulations, I guess...
rachaelm5's avatar
Yes, I realize that removing many of the free images is a disappointment to people.  I haven't made any arrangements for digital copies; the publisher isn't doing them right now.  It might be something to consider for the future.  I will talk to them about it if a good opportunity comes up.

I can also sell the coloring book separately from Amazon.  Do you have PayPal?  We can talk about shipping and payment arrangements privately in a Note if you would like.  
Moonlightelf's avatar
If digital copies will come around sometime, I'd be highly interested! o3o

I do indeed have PayPal, and I'd be delighted to own that book :heart: Too bad that it will be harder to show the colorings since they are in book format... but... pretties! o3o
rachaelm5's avatar
Will you please send me a Note with your shipping information?  I will need to figure out the shipping costs.  I don't think it will be too much.  The book itself is US$10.
Galactic-sky-99's avatar
Wow, that's awesome! Congrats! :D
KagamiNoHikari's avatar
That's great, congratulations~♪
rachaelm5's avatar
bhudicae's avatar
woohoo!! that's awesome! :D
Xenaris's avatar
As sad as it is to see so many free to colour-pictures go, the book is really not that expensive and definitely a step forward! Congratulations!
rachaelm5's avatar
Yes, I was sad to have to change so many of the dragons to display-only pictures.  But I do understand the publisher's point about it.  :-)
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