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Tremorworks: Yata-Garasu

Tremorworks: Demongate High: Yata-Garasu
Project for ~phoenixsamurai

The yata-garasu, or Sun Crow, is a holy critter that dwells in the suns of the heavenly realms. It represents the will of heaven or divine intervention in worldly affairs.
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aren't those the 7 crows, wich 6 of them are shot down by a celestial archer, because they decided to play all in the same time, and nearly burnt everything?
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You're thinking of the "Sun Crows" of Chinese myth, 9 of whom were shot by the Archer Yi, 8 of whom were slain. (the two who survived became the sun and moon)
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YES! thats what i mean. thank you.
i never thought that anyone else knew this little story ^^;
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Anyone who's read about Chinese mythology will have heard about the Sun Crows.
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I'm not sure of the whole story - I just received a little snippet that described the physical attributes of the creature. That definitely sounds about right, though. :D
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i dont really know... but, in the end, you made a quite good job. congrats :D
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With some really serious grabbers!
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No kidding! Nobody has really explained the three-leggedness, though. I guess it's just a celestial being thing.
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