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Starfyre final

It took me about a year to get back into the swing of things; most of the last year has been creatively stifling on so many levels.  But the clouds finally cleared up, and I have been able to sit down and play with my rocks, shiny bits, and assorted odds and ends to finish this dragon project.  

The dragon/moon/star layer is an ink drawing, colored with watercolor, Prismacolor pencil, and silver paint pen.

The background consists of scrapbook paper, rhinestones, a couple of paua shell beads, and black/blue goldstone.  The large white/blue stone in the lower right is called a common opal.  The dragon is holding a small white opal (the kind with sparkly fire).

Original art:  reserved until 2022 June.

Matted prints:  Please see the Print Prices and Information journal for information.

Here's the dragon image before I placed it in its background:

Starfyre WIP by rachaelm5
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Blue fire.

No, I don't like the watermark, either, but I understand why it's there. At least you do your own and put it on the border instead of across the center like the default dA watermark.

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Yeah, the DA watermark is awful. I am planning to modify my methods a little bit with some of the suggestions that were given. I'm just sick to death of having to choose between never showing my art anywhere, ever, or being okay with having my art stolen and put on merchandise by offshore cheapskates. The annoying watermark is the method that has generally worked out well over the last 15 years or so. The person who wrote the long epistle is only the third person I've ever encountered who has such a strongly negative opinion about me wanting to show, but also protect, my intellectual property.

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Such is life.

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Yes, so it is. But my biggest takeaway is that my methods aren't good enough. My methods suck. It makes my art suck. Therefore, I'm not good enough; I suck. I'm a horrible person, and don't deserve to have my work seen by the public because I have the temerity to use a watermark. After a year's hiatus, this is not a great incentive to keep posting. *sigh* I'm going back into my hole for a while.

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Humbug. Ignore the bastards and keep posting. :hug:

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Thank you for your kindness, Steve.

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I would like this because the art itself is gorgeous...

I just can't bring myself to do it. Your watermark is so distracting and disgusting... I just can't.

I'm sorry but if your THAT worried about your art being "stolen"... *shrugs* why are you even sharing it on DA?

Here's my suggestion take it or leave it... Don't upload a full size version of your work. That way anybody tryna knock off your work won't have the actual full size image and won't really be able to use it for anything for example.. keep your image size below 1000 px. Then we can still enjoy its gorgeous beauty but nobody can print it out on anything significant to try and make money off of it because T-shirt places and places that make things require a large px image in order to print cleanly and clearly.

Other ideas - put secret tiny images inside of your drawing like special signature moves. It looks like you work with old fashioned materials (which is awesome) like colored pencil etc... try buying yourself a micron pen at a 005 size and practice drawing tiny TINY things inside of your drawing so like... a tiny spider on one single scale of your dragon for example. Something that will NOT show up if a scammer rips off your work but that won't distract from the image or make viewing and appreciating your artwork a boring obnoxious and distracting chore.

Then if you ever find somebody ripping off your work you can point out all the little tiny details that exist in the original work and show that you know about them and that you actually have the originals or were the original creator.

You can defend, protect, and prove your art that way.

I'll tell you this too... the dumb watermark your using on this image... its annoying but not impossible to overcome. If somebody with good photoshop knowledge really REALLY wanted to use this image without your permission - they could easily do it.




The only person your hurting in this instance with using a graphically ugly watermark is just you, and those of us who want to appreciate and share your work with other people who might appreciate it too... you know... IF

they could even SEE it with all that distracting ugly watermarking... which... *shakes head sadly* nope.

If you don't believe me that's fine just search DA. Look at some of the professional art portfolios offered by the Deviants on here who are actually full time artists... Tell me... do you see big ugly distracting word centered watermarks on ANY of their work?


You don't.

Just.... something to consider.

And I only say something because I think your work is nice and I'd like to share and promote it but I won't.

Not with ugly watermarks like the one's your using.

And If I were you... and I wanted my work to be apreaciated.... I'd want to know that.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you for your suggestions; I will take them under consideration. I really like the idea of adding very tiny validation details with a Micron. All these years, and I hadn't even considered it, but that idea is most appealing.

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Your artwork is always so beautiful and colorful!!

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Very nice! I noticed you stated on one of your other works that it was in your 2nd coloring book. Where can i get these?!

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I sell the coloring books through Amazon. Look for "Dragon Adventure coloring book". There are three volumes available currently.

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