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Starfyre WIP

The lineart is one of those designs from the early days of my coloring book design mania - way back in 2012.  It was included in the first Dragon Adventure coloring book.  There are elements about it that I like a whole lot - the wing, arm, head, and tail designs, but as I didn't plan this one out at all (I was drawing it during my downtime during a convention), there are some, shall we say, anomalous curves in that body.  *snicker*  I didn't even realize this was the case until I started coloring it just a few weeks ago.  I like the color and other design aspects well enough to call it a keeper, and I plan to finish it up with stones, shiny bits, and other graphical/3D elements as I will for the several others that are still in progress.  By the time we start having in-person art shows once again, I'm going to have an entirely new gallery's worth of stuff to show off (and a whole new bevy of prints, too).  I'm really kind of excited about that.  Just gotta get around to the Next Steps one of these days soon!

This is the original ink drawing that I used for the coloring book.  It is colored with watercolor, Prismacolor Premier pencils, and silver paint pen.

Starfyre lineart by rachaelm5

Final version:
Starfyre final by rachaelm5
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Star fire , sapphire. Wow.

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Awesome! Love the color scheme!

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Oh wow this looks GORGEOUS so far :la:

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Oh wow, I really like this one. This sun/star in the background seems to really set it off.

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Thank you! It definitely needed the light/dark contrast in the head area. I also wanted to start the coloring with ultramarine blue, and it pretty much snowballed from there. 😉

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