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Perdition color

This is an image from my Dragon Adventure 2 coloring book.  This is a hand-colored print, as the "original" lineart is digital-only:  I reworked the dragon by hand from an older sketchbook image, and I drew the abstract background as a separate image, then merged them in Photoshop.  The merged version is what is in the coloring book, and is what you see here.  I like to "test drive" images like this to see how well they'll work, though in this case it's yeeeeears after publication...  So let's just say I colored this guy for the fun of it.  

I used Prismacolor Scholar pencils for most of it, with some Prisma Premiers for  a couple of colors that aren't present in the Scholar set.

I finished this in 2020, but it is officially my first post of 2021!

For the curious, here's the original sketch of the dragon:

Perdition sketch by rachaelm5
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He stepped on LEGO, didn't he?

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Stunning! Phenomenal work.
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Oh, wow. Wrapped in flames as it assaults the walls. Gondolin came to mind.

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Thanks! Psychedelic flames, among other things. 😉

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This is so beautiful :la:

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Happy New Year!! And nice dragon. I like the colours. :) The dragon stands out well from the background.

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Thank you, and Happy New Year to you, also! The background colors were tricky. I wanted bold colors, but I didn't want them to overpower the dragon. I also was not sure how to balance out his belly scales - it turns out that the reddish-purples did the job!

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It really did! :D

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Happy New Year! Nice to see art from you in my feed again! :D

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Thank you! I've been grumpy most of the year, and that tends to interfere with my creative processes. I'm working my way out of it, and finally have made a little progress with some new stuff - generating a positive feedback loop!

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I understand what you mean! I have to be in the right mood to create artwork.

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Happy New Year Rachael!! Hope you have an awesome year and a healthy one also!!:D

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Thank you! I hope your New Year was great, and I wish you good health and lots of creative output, too!

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