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Fields of Gold 02, watercolor

Here's the watercolor layer for this project.  This is, once again, a composite image that I assembled in Photoshop - that's why there are differences in the colors of the legs.  When I apply the colored pencils, those differences will be obscured to a great extent, while also helping to anchor the dragon to the color scheme of the background board.  This "golden" dragon is going to pick up a lot more green than I originally though he would, but I think the color blending will be fun to do.  

Next up:  Colored pencils!

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Fields of Gold 02, pencils by rachaelm5  Fields of Gold 02, linework by rachaelm5  
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I love the greens

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Thank you. I think it will be fun to try using golden yellows over this base color scheme. The outcome should be interesting, at least!

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A fascinating process.

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One I began to use in college, lo these many years ago... 😉 ...and by far my most successful type of experiment. Twenty-odd years later, colored pencil, over watercolor, over ink is still my go-to technique.