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Eastern Sundance color

Here's a piece that's been sitting on the to-do pile for about six years...  I originally drew the lineart as a points fundraiser for a DA Group.  Quite a few people did some absolutely lovely coloring jobs, and I finally decided that I would join that august company.  ;-)

I tried some experimental techniques with this piece.  I wanted a kind of enameled effect through the use of gel pens over the colored pencil, but I miiiiiiight have gotten carried away this time.  The final piece is acceptable, but I think I could have done better if I'd reigned it in a little more.

Materials used:  watercolor, Prismacolor pencil, gold paint pen, gel pens, and one acrylic pearly bit.

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Here's the original lineart:

Eastern Sundance fundraiser lineart by rachaelm5 
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I love the color choices! Beautiful :D

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Gorgeous! The golden parts must be really shiny when you see it in person. I love how the color of the scales turn from green to blue towars the tail.

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Thank you!

It is *very* shiny. So are the gel pen bits. Overwhelmingly so, I think; it takes something away from the colored pencil bits when you see it in person. This may be one of those rare occasions where I am only willing to make prints, but not put the original up for sale.

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Ooh. Brightness. Ooh.

I like it. :heart:

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Thank you, Steve! Yeah, I had to punch up those brights for this one. I love me some high contrast. :D

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6 years? Oy, well I can relate! LOL

The end results look beautiful! ^__^

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LOL - Gotta get around to all the stuff sitting in my pile eventually. This one has languished for a shorter period than some of them... I think I still have a few things from 2003 or so that need to be finished. ;-)

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You're welcome^u^

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So pretty! Glad you got around to this one.

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Thank you! Having no art shows this year has left me with a bit more free time, so I've been working my way through my older drawings.
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Super duper eye-searing colors!
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