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Dragon and Fluffykins



Okay kids, all together now: AWWWWWWW, 'ees so kyooooooot.... :hug:

Lenny the Dragon says: "...And I will HAVE my kitty, and I will call him Fluffykins and he will be MY Fluffykins, and I will love him and hug him, and I will stroke his pretty fur and smooth his pretty whiskers, and he is Fluffykins because he is MY Fluffykins and I will lick him and lick him until he's AAAAALLLL clean..."

Two points if any of you have actually read Of Mice and Men and know what the heck I'm rambling about... (And thank you MysticSlayer14 for correcting me on the book title - sheesh...)

There comes a point and time in which I must say, "Today I simply don't feel like drawing bloodthirsty monsters from outer space. Today I wanna draw a fluffy kitty cat and a horribly cute and cuddly dragon." Fifty hours and fourteen purple colored pencils later, I'm ready for more bloodthirsty monsters. But that's beside the point.


Prismacolor pencils over watercolor.

Original artwork: unmatted.  Available for $300 + shipping.

Prints: sold out!


Lineart for coloring:

Dragon and Fluffykins lineart by rachaelm5

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Hi Rachel!  I just wanted to let you know that I featured this and your Fire of Ages piece in 2016 on my dragon artwork blog Writing Dragons (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  I hadn't figured out my notification protocol back then, sorry for the late comment!  I love your work, you can find me at Writing Dragons, and your feature here.  Keep up the great work!