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Dracogena Oceanus final

Back around 2011, I had this grand idea for this multi-winged kind of seraphic dragon.  Nine years later, I've looked over my notes, said "meh, I can do better", and upended a bag of Skittles.  Though the "oceanus" bit still comes through because both the dragon and the background lean heavily toward the blues, I wanted to liven it up with touches of other colors.  But *which* other colors?  Here's me, being indecisive by including all of them.  Rainbow shiny bits make me happy!

Pieces and parts, and boy are there a lot this time:

Deep background:  acrylic
Dragon:  Ink, watercolor, Prismacolor pencils, metallic gel pens.
Silver and blue swirly arc things:  Repousse metal that I embossed with a ballpoint pen, painted with acrylic, then gently sanded down to let the silver embossing show through.
Stones:  Top center "turquoise" one is dyed magnesite.  The one below the dragon's tongue is dyed serpentine, and the tiny ones near it are turquoise-colored glass.  Under each of the arches are three rose quartz stones.
And of course, lots and lots of shiny bits.
Image size:  12x15 inches, so I'll be matting it up to the standard 16x20 inches.

Original art:  Available for USD$400, plus shipping.
Prints:  Please see the Print Prices and Information journal.

Lineart:   Dracogena Oceanus by rachaelm5  Isolated Background:   Ultramarine Abstract by rachaelm5
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Beautiful! I love how the background and the dragon work together. The background feels a bit resless, like an agitated ocean, but the dragon looks very smooth, which sets it apart from the background.

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Thank you! The contrast of textures was intentional. I thought the dragon was too plain by itself (particularly compared to my more recent designs), so I needed something with a lot of detail and movement behind it to balance things out the way I like. I'm glad you think it works, too!

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I feel like I'm having a vision.

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There's certainly some visionary roots in the concept. Symmetry, swirls, rainbow colors, ocean waves - such is the stuff of dreams shared by many of us. :-)

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This is stunning - I love all the different media and textures. Reading about your process inspires me to put my brave pants on and experiment more myself!

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Thanks very much! The process is half the fun (even if it is sometimes frustrating, or sometimes ends in disaster), so I definitely encourage you to experiment. If you are able to make a copy of a piece you want to experiment with, and keep your original pristine while you hone your techniques, it can be a little less nerve-wracking to do those experiments. Or, if you're not ready to risk your own work yet, print off a coloring page from one of the coloring groups and go crazy with that - that way it's not "your own work" on which you're experimenting. ;-)

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Quite a beautiful arrangements of colors and patterns! Love how the dragon design is too! :)

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Beautiful, Rachael. A prayer for acceptance. :heart:

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Yes, subtly so, but definitely yes.

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Oh wow, this is gorgeous! I love the amount of detail you put into it

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Thanks very much!

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Wow, one of my favorites for sure. Awesome job! What color skittles are you favorite BTW?

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LOL - I'm partial to lemon, lime, and cherry, in that order.

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"upended a bag of Skittles" made me LOL. You achieved the multiple colours and made the work POP! Shiny bits for FTW.

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LOL - I carefully separated out my favorite flavors, and added them one by one... And thank you. Yes, it definitely needed that little bit of pop to pull everything together the way I wanted it. :-)

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