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Autumn Interlude Dragon Design

I'm not dead; just busy with about eleven different things!  I haven't had as much time to create art as I would like.  I did finish up the initial coloring on this guy.  He is still technically a work in progress - I plan to cut out the dragon and work it into a layered project.  Right now, I don't think I'm going to go to quite the extent that I did for the Four Seasons dragon series - those were designed to be deep enough to fit into shadowboxes.  This guy was my first design for Autumn, but he didn't fit the design aesthetic I was going for with the series, so I set him aside for... eight years.  Yes, it's been eight years now.  So he's going to be his own separate project with only some general similarities to the Four Seasons dragons.

...Then again, I might go ahead and do a full-on shadowbox thing.  One never knows what will happen when the Brick of Inspiration strikes.

Mediums used:  ink, watercolor, Prismacolor Premier, metallic gel pens.

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The colors remind me of the autumns lot ago, very gentle and warm. We don't get good autumns anymore where I live. It's more like 'one day it's summer, net day it's winter'. I long for the warm days when the trees in the parks were aflame with red leaves.

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Our autumns vary from year to year. If we get *just* the right amount of rain in late September and early October, then we have a firefest of colorful foliage. If it's a dry year, then the colors are much more subdued. And yes, we also get some of those years that skip autumn altogether and just go straight to ice storms. I live in the midwestern United States. My weather is beyond goofy.

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Beware the brick of inspiration. :D

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...For the Brick strikes without consideration for time, place, or state of dress! :giggle:

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Forsooth. :mwahaha:

And with all the subtlety of, shall we say, a thrown brick.

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8 years! You're not alone! Always beautiful and excellent artwork, Rachael!

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Thank you!

LOL - Yes, eight years and counting for some projects. But I *am* getting to them!

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