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Gothic Wings



2 sets of painted gothic wings for your Halloween or other creations. I'm working on something at the time being and after I finished the wings, I thought I'd share!

One set is almost open and the other is open.. meaning spanned out. Parts of the wings are semi-transparent.
Some visible veins, too. Colors easily changed to suit your needs by simply changing the hue.

300 dpi. Large file.

Included in the zipped file is a disclaimer. Please read! It includes the terms of use.

*Not for re-distribution 'as is', including no making of brushes or PSP tubes of these and then sharing. That's just plain rude and not right! :P

*May be used in prints at DeviantArt only!

*Give me credit and link back.

Please, when including credits in your art's description, be detailed as to who created what, instead of just a list of credits. It's easier for others to find the resources.

Thank you.


PS: No, I won't be selling these in my store.
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