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Come at me Bro

This is a birthday present for my deer dear friend NV. [link]

She likes hard femmes and people with antlers. Not only is she filled with talent, she is a great and loyal friend. Plus, she’ll always eat sushi with me.

This lady looks like if Gabby from Xena and Ren from Nana had a forest nymph baby. Yup.

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I do not want to make her angry. But what an epic drawing!
racehell's avatar
haha, good idea. And thanks!
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You do a good job capturing a tough girl persona.
racehell's avatar
Thanks! Its my favorite persona. Ha.
praxcrown5's avatar
She looks totally badass.
racehell's avatar
Good! That's what I was going for. You don't wanna halfass badass.
effigytormented's avatar
Some sort of pagan ultra woman?
racehell's avatar
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by pagan, but she is definitely Ultra. Ultra Sexy.
effigytormented's avatar
Oh pagan deities, gods or goddesses often had antlers that symbolized strength and fertility ^_^;
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Ah that makes sense, seeing as antlers help animals attract and defend a mate.
Pagan is just so broad a term I didn't know if you meant any one specific religion or culture.
I didn't design her with a specific background in mind, though I could easily see her as a modern remnant of more magical times.
It was more like NV likes antlers, give it antlers.
TheGingerMuse's avatar
haha Damn straight!
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