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Yep. It is time for Rarity. My first rarity vector, but it will not be my last ;)
If you find something what is not okay just feel free to post a comment.


Vector (c) Racefox
My little pony (c) Hasbro
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What is that between hind hooves? o.o
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FYI, I just used this vector in a comic. I hope you like it.…
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how do you get the image without the background? :)
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I am someone who creates vectors.
I just take a low qualtity picture from the series and create a vector of it.
It is nothing special. It is just like redrawing a picture. 

If you search for "My little pony vector" you will find much more like this from other authors.
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So vectors are the drawings without the white space in the back?
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Ah now I understand. I thought you mean the background from the series.

Its the file type:
.jpg for example will always have a white background.
In .png it is possible to create transparent backgrounds like in this picture.
Just put the picture in Layer 1 and delete the background-layer or whatever it is called in your programm. And then it will be transparent.
Or just don't color the parts arround the picture in .png.
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"feel -free- to post a comment." Just saying. ;p
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xD Someone has stolen my free^^
Thank you.
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