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Edgar Allen Poe | Mary Oliver
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Hello everyone! This will be my last post as Raccuun. I've had a lot of good times on this account, but I think it's time I make a change. I have moved over to the account, spectrosity (https://www.deviantart.com/spectrosity), so hopefully I'll see you all there! (Bahaha, Reborn fanart when you get there ;3; *flail*) Thank you to everyone who has patiently watched me and befriended me over the years. It's meant a lot <3 O shi-! It's going to suck to remake my devwatch list x___x; And not having a subscription is ridiculous XD I forgot how awful non-subscribers have it D8 *jaded* Anyway, CIAO~ ~spectrosity (https://www.deviantart.com/spectrosity):iconspectrosity::iconspectrosity::iconspectrosity::iconspect
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Whooooo my sub ends today in like. A little more than an hour. SO I THOUGHT I'D GIVE ONE LAST HELLO as a subscriber. I'm going to be switching accounts later today and I'll be posting the new user name in one last journal here : ) I ALSO DREW GOKUDERA HAYATO FANART from Katekyo Hitman Reborn for my first post on my new account. I'm so lame, seriously. But I love him so much. Everyone should read it ;__; If you have like. 16 extra hours in the day or more and be willing to be bored the first six hours of reading. *criz* It's glorious. OKAY SO UH. Thanks so much sambees (https://www.deviantart.com/sambees) for buying me this sub. I loved it and cherished it <3 See everyon
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(stolen from rainbow-walrus (https://www.deviantart.com/rainbow-walrus)) Instructions: Go to Fanfiction.net and go to "search." Choose the "Harry Potter" category, and "search by keyword" and then put in your (first) name, and see what kind of Mary Sues have your name! :bulletred: Lily and Michelle are about to enter their sixth year at Hogwarts. On the other side of the Atlantic, Marianne is about to return to Salem Withces Institute. Their lives collide, and in the process they find love, hope, and happiness. :bulletred: Hermione and her sister, Michelle, aren't loved by their parents, so they run away. What will their summer be like? -- (LOL) :bulletred: Michelle is a normal
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Hey person that was Racuun, who is a friend of the person that was Iglootik!
I'm just stopping by for commenting on my page a loong time ago!
:hug: :D
Ahh... HIII~ I dont know if you remember me or not but I'M LAURA'S FRIEND. HIIII~~
Hiii! I totally remember you and WTF WHY ARE YOU WATCHING ME *explode* Unwooooorthy much plz?

I'm going to be swapping accounts in about a month (I have a lot of bad memories on this one and just wanted to start over fresh and everything) so I feel bad that you started watching me now. I'll post the new account in a bit and you can follow me there if you want to. Maybe. Not. XD *talking to self* Regardless, thank you |3 How are you doing?
hi random deviant!! :]
Why hello random deviant who decided to comment on my page 8D;
I really like your avatar thingie.


Nice gallery! =]