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October 28, 2009
Bunny Laundry Tea Time by *raccoonnook - simply stunning! Do have a look at his fantastic gallery!
Featured by archanN
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Bunny Laundry Tea Time

Done For CG talks Strange Behavior. The background is a crappy render out of maya that I then Painter over in photoshop.


Thanks for all the support guys, and thanks to DA and archanN for the awesome pat on the back.

I'll try to get to any questions you guys have. Oh and to clarify I modeled the crappy background, it is not stock. All the jazz comes from the added elements in photoshop.
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Bunma's avatar
I sense a pun bun around here. I love it though!
PROJEKT005's avatar
raccoonnook would it be possible to get this as a print?
sakura-kaze's avatar
Is she serving tea to the dryer lint (dust) bunnies??
Flamme-Doudoune's avatar
normalcyBIAS's avatar
Awesome! Absolutely brilliant work! Thanks for that...
Julibee-Darling's avatar
What an awesomely bizarre sketch!
fAtHoM-bEe-RyOn's avatar
This is a really cool concept...well done!! x
Rahima04's avatar
This is So adorable ^^
xnapxot's avatar
wilovil's avatar
there is a surreal short story about a guy with bunnies it reminds me your illustration. This is a book of "Julio Cortázar" you should serch him up.
the book is "bestiario" and the story is called "carta a una señorota de paris".
look---> [link] I think you'll like it. c'est tres bizarre.
threeskies's avatar
haha this is so cute! great job :3
bwoomoon's avatar
this is so strange.. i love it.
AmborisAlgren's avatar
i feel like yelling "BUNNIES!" at the top of my voice...but wont...
i truly enjoy this. love the dark background and the vibrant yellow dress. Well done! :)
ethannnnn's avatar

no way. :heart:
HalibutWaffles's avatar
Awwwww such cute bunnies :3 You really did a wonderful job combining 2D with 3D program and you rendered the paint job of the background so well. Love it!
entae's avatar
I don't care what anybody says.
YOU ROCK!!!!!!
OfGermanBlood's avatar
makoyuki's avatar
magical front load washer.....(those bunnies came from that washer???....cute)
cute... :3
Ophelia200's avatar
This picture reminds me of the movie Paprika.

Great picture^ ^
Doole63's avatar
Hehe, the bunnies make me smile! :heart:
AshSomethingArt's avatar
EmotionlessBlue's avatar
Excellent work~ I love the lil bunnies, they're so cute and fluffly o3o :heart: Congrats on the DD!
Der-Autor's avatar
I like the look of this, grand job
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