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This is the single biggest thing I've done so far.

This was supposed to be finished by the end of May last year, but there were several delays like commissions and my pitch that kept me from finishing it. I'm glad I finally got it done. Just remember, people: This is the genius I can achieve if I'm not bogged down with so many commissions. No offense, but still, think it over.

Anyway, this is a huge tribute to Jessica Borutski's fabulously wild redesigns of the Looney Tunes made for The Looney Tunes Show. The very ones that caused many a nostalgia whore to go apesh*t. I don't care. These designs are great. I even pushed their looks to be sightly even wilder because they're so fun to look at... And to mess with the people who hate them even further. I even put in little shadows behind all of the characters just like in the show, which is sort of a faux-cel look they're going for.

Just so you know, I drew every single Tune in this individually. That's part of the reason it took so long.

Looney Tunes and The Looney Tunes Show are owned by Warner Bros. Animation
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