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DAI Sceneries - Inquisitor's Quarters XPS DOWLOAD

"Well, they certainly spared no expenses."

DONE! :phew: Split into three parts: quarters, roof and a skydome (separate, in case you want to use it somewhere else... or not at all). 5 operational doors, too.

Have fun with it and please credit me if you use it in your works - this was a great funpain (I'm sure the word exists! :B) to assemble and I'm super curious to see what you use it for! :eager: Source Filmmaker users, too! If anyone of you has a strong urge to convert it and deal with non-square native texture dimensions of 75+ objects (:P), feel free! And do give me a heads up, I'd actually love to use it there myself! ;)

Now, to DAI Fenris WIP...

:bulletgreen: War Room
:bulletgreen: Thrones pack
:bulletgreen: Calpernia
:bulletgreen: Companions' personal/unique/quest items
:bulletgreen: Solas (Prologue)
:bulletgreen: Tavern interior 
:bulletgreen: Inquisition outpost & camp setups 
:bulletgreen: Curiosities of Thedas I (astrarium, puzzles, shards, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Surprise!
:bulletgreen: Inquisitor's quarters interior (Skyhold)
:bulletgreen: Inquisitor's quarters full scenery (Skyhold)
:bulletgreen: Solas' Epic Wolfskin Outfit (promotional poster) 
:bulletgreen: Dracolisk!
:bulletgreen: Dread wolf (+red hart) statues
:bulletorange: Solas' Regular Fatigues 
:bulletred: Nature & environmental items
:bulletred: Structural/architectural items
:bulletred: Weapons 
:bulletred: etc. :D



The content of this archive was extracted and ported purely for entertainment, fan worshipping and not for commercial use. Please always credit the developers if you use these items in your works. Dragon Age and all content is (c) by EA/BioWare. No copyright infringement intended.
© 2015 - 2021 raccooncitizen
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Thank you a LOT!

I ported the inside and the roof (5 years ago) to obj files:
You'll need the textures anyway!
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I will definitely use it! So amazing!
Lolinilandecadon's avatar
Thanks a LOT for this one!!!

I ported it to Poser and am experimenting with it:
Inquisitor quarter, Poser by Lolinilandecadon
raccooncitizen's avatar
Looks great!! Amazing work on the lighting of the fireplace! :thumbsup:
And you're most welcome, glad you're enjoying the scenery! :dance:
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Sorry for my bad English! Have your file converted to an x for MMD. Since I'm a fan of Dragon Age 2, it would interest me where I find Kirwall file? Would you assist me.…
raccooncitizen's avatar
Hiya! :wave: That's great, and thanks a lot for the heads up! :aww:
I'm afraid I haven't ported anything from DA2 but am pretty sure that you should be able to capture environments using either NinjaRipper or 3D Ripper. You may want to get in touch with berserker79 about that - a huge part of his gallery is dedicated to DA2, and maybe he could help you out? :)
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Fantastic, thank you!
SamWhat88's avatar
I think my mind has exploded. Again thank you for your tremendous effort in extracting this.
I was hoping maybe you could post some tips on what node setups and other Blender techniques you use. Especially for the inquisitor's quarters windows. :)  
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Боже сколько кропотливой работы, это просто невероятноI think I've fainted. 
Спасибо огромное!Heart 
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broomclosetkink's avatar
Oh wow!!! This is just gorgeous!!!!!!
elmjuniper's avatar
Holy shit!  That's amazing! 
XKyojiX's avatar
So amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :squee:
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:tighthug: :huggle: :hug: :cuddle:

Fantastic work hun. Having looked for all the parts for this myself I know exactly how long that itself takes. Especially considering I couldn't find it all. So thank you very much for doing this. You truly are an amazing person to share something like this and all the object packs. As I know some people don't share things when they put this much work into it. 

So thank you :huggle:
raccooncitizen's avatar
Aww, thank you hun, c'mere! :tighthug:
Anything for the community! Of course there may be some users here who are likely to use it for stuff I don't like to see, but who am I to bitch over a pairing that I don't approve of? That's below me. ;) I know what you mean though. And when it comes to custom stuff I made from scratch, I'm way more inclined not to share it at all (or only a small circle of people I trust).

You're very welcome! :heart:
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Looks so amazing! Great work, and thanks!! :love: :w00t: :hug:
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WOW Love :happybounce: 

I can imagine how much work went into this. The parts are all over the place in files! I know I've spent hours pulling my hair out looking for even one thing. Thank you! 
raccooncitizen's avatar
They absolutely are! :D There was an item or two that constantly kept evading my eye until I was this close to saying 'sod it, I'm resculpting this'. The only thing I couldn't find (because it was too well hidden) and I had to make were the stones on the plastered chimney.

You're very welcome, hun! :dance:
Lolinilandecadon's avatar
Wow!!! Fantastic sceneries, great thanks!
raccooncitizen's avatar
Glad you like it!! :D
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