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:iconraccoonbrova:RaccoonBroVA posted a status
So I just watched Surf's Up as recommended by :iconblackmoonpaladin: and it was pretty good.

A lot of my favorite parts of the film were little things like the sound of the waves, the style of cinematography, and even the way the characters talk to each. It really added to the film's sense of realism. The water effects in particular are outstanding and rival those of Moana.

By far my favorite character had to be Chicken Joe. His carefree attitude and devotion to Cody was just so endearing. Like the way he reacted to being prepared to be eaten by a tribe was freaking hysterical.

Some things that did bother me a little bit was how exactly the interviews worked. Like how was Cody interviewed with his family about the competition if he wasn't even in it yet? It was like Cody already knew a scout was coming. And even if he did, why was he being interviewed like he was already in the contest at his home even though he left immediately when the scout and crew left?

Also, I found Big Z's reasoning for going into hiding to be pretty hypocritical. His message is just have fun yet he couldn't face his fans after losing a race. I don't know, it just felt a little weird to me.

But overall, this was a really good movie, especially when coming from Sony of all companies! And I'm giving this film an 8/10.

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LoudCartoonist99 Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
This is definitely the best Sony Pictures Animation movie. Shame that about ten years after, they HAD to add in WWE into the mix with a terrible sequel.
RaccoonBroVA Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
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