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:iconraccoonbrova:RaccoonBroVA posted a status
Just in case anyone missed my unpopular opinions yesterday:
Adventure Time has really lost my interest.

I really like The Show Stoppers, Baby Cakes, and The Mysterious Mare Do Well.

The Loud House hasn't done anything particularly exceptional as of now.

My Spotify playlist largely consists of songs from my favorite shows and comedy musicians.

Even though I really like the films, I still think Equestria Girls is very pointless.

I despise every episode from the second half of Star vs the Forces of Evil's second season.

Happy Tree Friends is tasteless garbage.

And for my most controversial of all...

I think the Ducktales reboot looks and sounds way better than the original from the animation to the voice acting. In fact, the only 90's cartoons I remember liking are The Animaniacs and Dexter's Laboratory.

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