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:iconraccoonbrova:RaccoonBroVA posted a status
All right, let's see what I can do here.

Overrated- Lock n' Loud
Sorry, but this episode was just really boring to me since most of the jokes didn't land. Plus, that ending felt unnecessary.

Underrated- Attention Deficit
This one doesn't get nearly the amount of attention I think it deserves. Lincoln has a very relatable conflict, and Clyde's parents are wonderful!

Overhated- It's a Loud Loud Loud Loud House
Same reasons as :iconpowerloud-girl: and :iconrushfan2596:

Underhated- Back Out There
I wasn't kidding when I said this episode was more frustrating to watch than Brawl in the Family.
Let me try something (by something, I mean a repost bandwagon). Name an overrated, underrated, overhated, and underhated Loud House episode, in that order, and why.

Overrated: Tricked!
Looking back on it, although I don't mind the Clincoln Mcloud stuff, it felt too...slow. Like, do something. Interesting!

Underrated: Study Muffin
See my Controchoice.

Overhated: Both "Making The" episodes
Umm..why are these hated? Grade is kinda boring, but they both develop someone in an interesting way and are harmless at the end of the day.

Underhated: Sound Of Silence
Fuck this episode...just fuck it.

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