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:iconraccoonbrova:RaccoonBroVA posted a status
Come on down to Carrick's Warehouse! There are three dudes here, and another guy who got into a major accident.

We only sell salad, sandwiches, and each meal comes with one Butterfinger. Don't touch it! It's only for decoration!

We also give foot rubs while you're waiting. And you're not allowed to deny one. I swear we won't get too rough Wink/Razz 

Also every meal is free with an additional charge of a dollar per foot step. So bring the whole family!
If you owned a fast food restaurant, what would the name be and what would you sell?

For me, come on down to Jack Attack! We got Fish and Chips, Burgers, and Seafood that gives you the runs!

Be wary of a dog near the entrance! It has rabies and attacked a child!

The salad is actually poison ivy and the dressing is hand sanitizer! Have a clean stomach!

Jack Attack! I'm not sorry!

Devious Comments

rushfan2596 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017
Ah, I seen you've adopted the Eugene Krabs method of charging customers.  Bravo, sir!
RaccoonBroVA Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017
It's the most efficient way to exto- I mean... satisfy the customer.
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