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:iconraccoonbrova:RaccoonBroVA posted a status
Gather around ladies and gentlemen, it's time for a story! And it regards when I'll be seeing the My Little Pony Movie.

For one of my classes, everything is online and most of the work is done at home. This leaves a lot of free time for this period, and I ended up befriending two black girls who sit at my table. We have a lot of fun conversations with each other, and they give something to look forward to every time I go to that class.

One day, we were talking about animated movies, and I threw in jokingly, "Did you guys know that My Little Pony is getting a movie this year?" I got two responses. One of them said, "Ugh, gross!" She hasn't seen a single episode of the show. The other one gasped, "Oh my gosh, I'm looking forward to that movie so much! I just heard Sia's song, and it's great!" Turns out she's a pegasister, and she explained to my other friend about about how far the franchise has come. 

In any case, all three of us have agreed to seeing the movie this Monday since school is out. This will be very interesting for me because I'll get to witness a reaction from a fan of the show as well as a skeptical outsider. Can't wait until Monday!

One more thing, my mom and dad are relieved that I'm going with them, because people will be a lot less likely to mess with me for watching MLP as long as I have two black girls by my side :D

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BlackMoonPaladin Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2017   Filmographer
Very cool!
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