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Super Inequality 2002 by PlagueKnightReviewer Super Inequality 2002 :iconplagueknightreviewer:PlagueKnightReviewer 15 7
Jafar's Songs Ft. RaccoonBroVA.
Hello, everybody! I’m back! You all know Jafar and Iago are my favorite villains. And I thought, why not do something special for them? Now, what do you remember about them? Did you ever feel like something was missing? Well, for quite a lot of people, they took issue that Jafar never got a villain song. Yeah, he got a reprise of Prince Ali, which in its defense was a good number and works in the story as Jafar exposes Aladdin. But sadly, Jafar never got his very own number. But through the making of the movie, several potential songs were written. From what I’ve found, there are three that have been talked about the most by fans. So, those are the few we’ll be talking about today! And joining me on this little entry is :iconRaccoonBroVA:!
What’s up b**ches?!?! I am so honored to be here talking about one of my favorite animated movies, heck, movies in general. I don’t plan on singing my praises too much here since I’d like to write an actual revi
:iconyodajax10:yodajax10 5 3
Mature content
Soul Heroes Chapter 3 (Bakugo vs Death the Kid) :iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 12 4
[Logo] Real-Time Fandub Games SA2 Style Logo by RapBattleEditor0510 [Logo] Real-Time Fandub Games SA2 Style Logo :iconrapbattleeditor0510:RapBattleEditor0510 14 2
Mature content
Soul Heroes Chapter 2 (Black Star vs Todoroki) :iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 21 13
ControChoices: The Stanchurian Candidate

Based on ControChoices from Intrancity and a suggestion from Jediuser 
Gravity Falls
User's Rating: OK
A.R. Rating: Great-Amazing
Opinion: This is an episode that I don't think is bad by any means, I just think it didn't live up to it's potential. This is an episode about Stan running for the mayor of Gravity Falls. Now that is a situation for Stan Pines that is a comedic gold mine. However, I don't think the episode really takes advantage of this concept and kind of neuters Stan in a way in favor of a plot point where Mabel and Dipper control him with a tie to make sure he doesn't mess up. Now granted, that makes sense to make the candidate look good, but imagine how great it would be if Stan got ahead in the race because he was unpredictable and unruly? That would make for a much funnier episode in my opinion, as we can see the Stan we're all so accustomed to, rather than a mind controlled puppet. 
Another thing that bothered me was the
:iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 8 26
ControChoices: Resonance Link (Soul Eater)
Based on ControChoices by Intrancity
Soul Eater
User's Rating: Mediocre
A.R.R. Rating: Great-Amazing
Opinion: I've made my thoughts on Black Star clear in the past. I think he is the worst of the main characters, as his egotistical gimmick got old really fast. I know a lot of people like the character, and that's fine, I'm not here to change anyone's mind. People always told me that he got better as the series went on, but in my opinion, I think he got worse as the show went on, and one of the reasons is that, to me, the show started to defend Black Star and paint him in a more positive light despite his actions not exactly correlating with the mountains of praise that the show gave him in later episodes. And this episode may be the worst offender of that. 
The plot of this episode is that Maka, Death the Kid, and Black Star are learning to combine their Soul Wavelengths together to form a powerful Resonance Link so that they could be powerful en
:iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 7 7
Mike's Guide to the Infinity Saga
Hey, you! Yeah, you! Are you somehow unfamiliar with the most profitable cinematic franchise of all time? Were you considering getting into it at one point, but never did for one reason or another? Do you view Disney as a monopolistic empire that will at some point own the very core of what it means to be a human being? Well, never fear, for your old pal Mike is here! 
And for anyone that I've described, whether you just could never get into the series for one reason or another, or you somehow avoided it for over a decade, but are considering getting into it while maybe being overwhelmed at the sheer number of films it appears necessary to have to watch, I've got a little life hack for you. As much as I can find positives in every film on this list, there are some that, while enjoyable, are entirely skippable. Or some that may have 1 or 2 important scenes worth taking away, whether it's during the movie itself or the post-credits scenes, since, yeah, these films have those up the
:iconmikethehuman113:MikeTheHuman113 11 10
The Shadow Shard Deluxe Print Edition by dSana The Shadow Shard Deluxe Print Edition :icondsana:dSana 168 131 The Prodigies by NCMares The Prodigies :iconncmares:NCMares 2,631 0
Mature content
Soul Heroes: Introduction :iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 16 11
My Top 10 Worst Animations by jpbelow My Top 10 Worst Animations :iconjpbelow:jpbelow 23 31 Kingpin by PiemationsArt Kingpin :iconpiemationsart:PiemationsArt 995 105 The Shadow Shard Page 95 by dSana The Shadow Shard Page 95 :icondsana:dSana 272 250 The Shadow Shard Page 92 by dSana The Shadow Shard Page 92 :icondsana:dSana 326 106
Dragon Ball Super: Future Trunks Arc REVIEW:
(Warning: This review contains spoilers.)
Far from now, in a distant time.

I, Zamasu, immortal lord of the Kai's, UNLEASHED AN UNSPEAKABLE EVIL!
But a foolish Saiyan warrior, wielding a giant sword, step forth to oppose me.
Before the final blow was struck he tore open a portal in time, 
and ran away from the future, where my evil was LAW!
Now the fool seeks to return to the past, and undo the future that is Zamasu!
Gotta get back. Back to the past, stop Goku Black. Wa-Watch Out!~

  Hello everybody, my name is JoyofCrimeArt, and it's been...a while since I talked about Dragon Ball Super. Long enough that my plan to review the arcs as the English dub comes out are pretty much dead. But I'm here now, and ready to review the next chapter in the Dragon Ball saga, the "Future Trunks" arc. Which honestly, is a stupid name cause we already had a "Future T
:iconjoyofcrimeart:JoyofCrimeArt 4 15

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Best pony. 

11 deviants said Rarity
7 deviants said Twilight Sparkle
5 deviants said Fluttershy
4 deviants said Pinkie Pie
2 deviants said Rainbow Dash
1 deviant said Applejack

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I have a question. If comedians and YouTubers can make jokes about cancer and mental handicaps, why can't I?
Character Comparison #29: Comic Relief Duos
It's not that bad, but Epic is probably one my list for least favorite animated movies. Obviously on the lower end, but that doesn't mean this movie is any more enjoyable to sit through. It is such a chore between the ugly animation and the annoying as Hell characters that I just don't give a crap about. And you better believe Mub is easily the worst offender. Grub you're not off the hook either!

Timon and Pumbaa bring a valuable life lesson that I think a lot of people on the internet need to hear. There's no need to get so worked up over things that don't matter. Bethesda had an awful E3 conference? Hakuna Matata. Sonic has human teeth? Hakuna Matata. We're getting a live action remake of this movie that technically isn't live action at all? *sigh* Hakuna Matata babies.

Voice Actors

Mub - Aziz Ansari

Grub - Chris O'Dowd

Timon - Nathan Lane

Pumbaa - Ernie Sabella
It's not that hard to say something nice about Trump in a respectful manner. Here, watch.

Ever since he became president, the economy has taken a turn for the better, to the point where my dad has been making more money than ever at his job.
If there's one argument I hate more than basically any argument you can possibly make on the Internet, it's the "orange man bad" thing. It instantly kills a conversation and ignores any possible legitimate criticisms of the President just because "normies dislike him" or some bullshit. To me, it just says, "shut up about the status quo and accept everything your President does". Like, even if I supported the President, I would hate this argument on that basis alone. Not to mention it's completely hypocritical since the group of people making the NPC argument are a group of NPCs themselves that don't question anything the President says or does. Or if they do, they just label any criticism of him as "orange man bad" when the conversation is a lot more nuanced than that. Unless you're the Krassenstein brothers, but even then, at least they don't just say "orange man bad" every needless time they criticize Trump. It's a strawman argument, hypocritical, and a shit meme, the worst combination. 
Every MCU Movie Ranked from Best to Least Best
Ah the MCU. You won't find a more consistent franchise even if you tried. What's even more impressive about this feat is the sheer size and scope of this universe what with all the different characters and stories, as well as a bunch of different story tellers giving their own fresh take on the supposed MCU formula.

That being said, while I don't think there's such thing as a bad MCU movie, some are definitely more equal than others. So here's how it goes.

5. Age of Ultron
4. Captain Marvel
3. Thor the Dark World
2. Thor
1. The Incredible Hulk

5. Thor Ragnarok
4. Avengers Infinity War
3. Captain America Civil War
2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
1. Avengers Endgame

Let me know if you'd like me to go more in depth please!
I'm about to start Summer Camp in a few days. Luckily though this time I'll still have access to the Internet since I'll be a CIT! I'll keep you all updated on how things are going as they happen.
Ah summer break. A time for leisure and relaxation. And for me, that means reviewing a bunch of cartoons. 

Can I just say how thrilled I am to finally be back? By the time finals rolled around, I knew I wouldn't be able to write one of these things for a while. But now that I'm back, I have a plan of attack.

After this long overdue installment of Randomated Film Reviews, I'm going to make that journal I promised where I defend some hated MLP episodes as well as that other review where I take a look at a very popular show that I am not very fond of. After that, I'll see where the wind takes me. Anyways, on with the reviews!


The story is a loose, and I mean LOOSE, adaptation of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna. We follow Anastasia, who now goes by the name Anya due to being an amnesiac. All she wants is to find where she came from, and a duo of con men decide to take advantage of her likeness to the missing grand duchess in hopes of claiming the giant reward of bringing her back. Also there's a f***ing wizard.

I'm pretty thankful that the whole trend of making an animated movie based on a real event with a lot of creative liberties is pretty much dead. You've got Pocahontas, Balto, the Titanic movies, and this. If my Death Note review is anything to go by, y'all should know that I'm pretty open to changes in adaptations. In fact, I generally welcome them. But this is a little different. Death Note is a film adaptation of a pretty recent anime, so it needed to make big changes to justify its existence. But here, we are taking history and kind of spitting on it.

Look, I'm not gonna claim to be some kind of history aficionado, especially when it comes to the execution of the Romanov family. But telling our kids that a wizard wanted revenge on the Russian royal family and not the Ural Regional Soviet due to the threat of being occupied by the White Army is kind of manipulative and dishonest. I mean sure, Disney is notorious for taking creative liberties with their adaptations. But those are all fictional stories with dark elements that needed to be changed in order to show kids. This movie didn't need to be about the execution of the Romanov family. It really should've just been its own thing, because making Grigori Rasputin a sorcerer would be like making Joseph Stalin a friggin' cyborg. It makes no sense. Though it'd probably work for a more surrealist style story.

But hey, let's judge this film on its own merits. And honestly, it's okay. The animation is incredible. In fact, it's so incredible to the point where it's kind of off putting. The animation does its best to replicate human movements as much as possible, and its downright intimidating how smooth everything is. I am personally not a big fan of this for a couple reasons. One, the slower movements aren't as fun as more quickly paced animations. Two, I'm not sure why they decided to go for this much realism in a movie that involves sorcery. And three, rotoscopy in general always feels really uncanny to me, and even though this film is clearly hand drawn the movements always throw me off. It's kind of like when YouTube added 60 fps to their site. It's just jarring.

I did not buy into the romance one bit between the two leads. It's one of those ones where they constantly fight and bicker. Yet they have one dance scene together that makes them start to go all doughy eyed. I greatly prefer the way Princess and the Frog did it. There, it felt like they were gradually warming up to each other and that their differences benefited the other.

Hell, Rasputin barely even does anything in this movie! All he does is sit back and only give our heroes minor bumps in the road by sending out minions to do it for him. Why doesn't he just go himself? It can't be because he's dead, because he comes back anyway at the climax. This makes the whole turning Rasputin into a sorcerer even more mind boggling. Again,to bring up Princess and the Frog, Dr. Facilier only sent out his minions because he was on a time crunch and needed to find the prince ASAP.

Oh God the voice acting. It was not very good. Meg Ryan as an 18 year old Russian amnesiac is one of the most painful miscasts I've ever seen. Not only does she sound way too old, but she doesn't even have a Russian accent. Give Elizabeth Olsen credit. Her Russian accent sucked in Age of Ultron, but at least she was trying! Same goes for John Cusack, who has a pretty monotone and gravely voice. Sure, it works for his usual films, but with animation you need to have a clear and distinct voice since that's the only way to bring your character to life. Also since Meg and John can't sing they hired singers for their parts. I generally prefer animated musicals to hire leads that can do both, but I understand it's not always feasible. Plus Liz Callaway and Jonathan Dokuchitz have awesome voices. A shame they couldn't be the actual stars. Hell, they don't even get a little girl to act AND sing as Younger Anastasia. What's the purpose?! I realize this whole paragraph may sound like nit picking, but not to me it isn't.

At least everyone else speaks with a Russian accent, although this admittedly makes Anastasia and Dimitri's voices even worse due to comparison. Bartok isn't that bad surprisingly, though that's mostly because Hank Azaria is so talented. Jim Cummings even gets to voice the villain... 's song. Eh, I'll take it. Especially since the songs in this movie are total bops. In the Dark of the Night and Journey to the Past are my personal favorites. Even if the movements throw me off this film is still total eye candy, particularly when they get to Paris. So while this movie looks and sounds amazing, there isn't a whole lot to get invested in substance wise. Especially when it comes to the characters. And as a voice actor, I'm faced with too many pet peeves sound wise. Also remember this scene?

Dmitri: I'm going to leave forever now.

Okay but why though? And I'm giving this film a 5 out of 10. I know a lot of people adore this movie so I hope I made no one upset with that score.

The Black Cauldron

It's Danny's favorite Disney movie everyone. Also, I just found out that his girlfriend is an animator at Sony who worked on Hotel Transylvania 3. I am fan boying like a mad man here.

A group of heroes need to stop the Horned King from obtaining the Black Cauldron and using it to raise an army of the dead. Our heroes include Taran the pig keeper, Elionwy the princess, Flam the bard, and an abomination towards animation.

Okay, so Gurgi isn't that bad. But he's not good either. In fact, most of the characters here are either dull or just kind of tedious. Taran suffers from big dreamer syndrome, that affliction a character comes down with whenever they yearn for something more despite how undefined that dream is or how unqualified they are to actually deserve said dream. He can also be a pretty big ass h***, even to characters like Elionwy, who is essentially the humanized version of Fluttershy. And nobody picks on Fluttershy and gets away with it damn it!

It's also pretty easy to see why this movie bombed so hard. It is easily one of the scariest Disney movies ever, and believe me. That's sayin' something. But hey, at least the dark stuff that happens here actually fits with the tone of the movie, unlike The Good Dinosaur, which showed a group of pterodactyls fighting over the corpse of a bunny halfway in. Plus you've got Gurgi, who I guess kids are supposed to like. But I'm not really sure why they would. Sure, other comic reliefs are loud and obnoxious, but they also tend to have cutesy designs. Gurgi is neither loud nor cute.

I enjoyed a lot of the quieter moments like whenever Taran was sneaking around the castle, but this movie also suffers from the usual old Disney film problem where certain scenes would drag on for far too long. Did we really need a full fledged scene of the bard hopping around as a frog into the breasts of an overweight witch? Sounds as necessary as an army of elephants that we just met doing a single file inspection. Or of two characters drinking a bunch of booze and having bat s*** insane hallucinations. I think you guys get where I'm coming from.

The Horned King has to be one of the absolute coolest Disney villains ever. I just wish he could've had more screen time. Most of the time we only get information about him from other characters, or the way his henchman acts around him. But we rarely get to see the Horned King do anything himself. The best villains in my opinion are the ones who you get to see do awful things. Actions always speak louder than words. But I'm always open to giving Skeletor more movie cameos I guess.

I don't regret watching this movie though. It had enough to keep me invested for the most part, but overall is kind of a bore and not my cup of tea. Danny Sexbang, I love you, and I know this is your favorite Disney film, but I'm gonna have to recommend a hard pass here. And I'm giving this film a 5 out of 10.

Batman Ninja

You guys. This movie is freaking awesome. Granted it may have one of the dumbest premises out there, but that's part of the charm. Batman and a whole bunch of other characters from his mythos get sent to feudal Japan and by the end of the film they're fighting with giant robots operated by monkeys. I couldn't make this up if I tried, yet it's one of the most glorious things ever.

All of your favorite voice actors are here. Roger Craig Smith, Yuri Lowenthal, Fred Tatasciore, and Eric Bauza are all a** kickers as usual. We get a surprisingly wicked rendition of the Joker from Tony Hale, making this one of my favorite celebrity performances in an animated work. And at this point, I don't think anyone can really match Tara Strong and Grey Delisle's Harley and Catwoman voices respectively. So basically what I'm saying is that I need to watch more films like this one to remind myself that hard working voice actors aren't always shunned from movies.

And oh my God that animation. It is SO beautiful to look at. I am super appreciative of the movies that decide to just go all ham and get as quirky and unique with their animation as possible. Sure, it's risky and doesn't always work out, but when it works we get beautiful spectacles like this.

Don't get me wrong, Batman is an awesome character who lends himself perfectly to dramatic stories all about delving into his psyche and those around him. But at the same time, it's nice to get stories like these once in a while that aren't afraid to get a little weird with it, something I think we all take for granted when it comes to comic book adaptations. Why play it safe when you could make mind blowing off the walls works of art like this?

RB'sB: Because then we get loud mindless white noise like Batman v Superman and Justice League.

The good with the bad bro. The good with the bad. Also, there's another scene where the animation style changes that I won't dare spoil. It's one of the Joker's most fascinating moves and is also just really pretty to look at, much like the rest of this movie. And I'm giving this film an 8 out of 10.


You know what? I take back what I said about Leap and Home. This is by far the worst title to any movie I've ever seen. Like, what does it tell us about the movie? How can we use this title to distinguish it from literally any other epic? This film isn't even that epic! Why must these movies have such generic titles that make it impossible to search them on Google without being super specific with you search bar. KnowsMore from Wreck It Ralph probably hates these movies. Just call it The Leaf Men and BAM! Perfect title that stays true to the original work.

Anyway, THIS movie is about a young girl who moves in with her father, a shut-in who believes that another world exists beyond our cognitive reach. Turns out he's not crazy and there really is a race of little people who are in the middle of an all out war for control of the forest. Our heroes need to protect a flower so that it can bloom and give birth to the new heir of the kingdom before some dark bug guy can get it or something. I don't know, the plot is pretty all over the place and convoluted. I'd better get to the stuff I know best.

I am not convinced that this movie is made by Blue Sky. Blue Sky films are, at the very least, vibrant and animated. Animated in the sense that everything feels lively, not the literal sense. So why is this film, that they made, so drab and ugly? I haven't seen Strange Magic yet, but Epic has to be a contender for one of the ugliest animated movies by a big budget studio. If your character designs make me want to look at Oscar's face from Shark Tale instead, then that's how you know you done messed up son. At least the camera work was decent. It even led to some pretty well shot chase scenes. But nothing too memorable.

The characters are all pretty awful and by the numbers. Mary Katherine is such a b**ch to her dad. I know that what he's doing is a little out there, but we aren't given a whole lot of context to really show how divided these two are and what the affect of her dead mother has had on the both of them. Oh yeah, this movie also has a mom that dies offscreen. I guess some cliches just never die. Not to mention the whole problem I have with dramatic irony. We see these creatures he's been studying at the beginning, so we all know he's right, making it harder to sympathize with MK's spite towards her father. How much more intriguing would it have been if we were following MK's perspective the whole time and found out along with her that there's another world? Hell, he even shows her hard evidence that something is out there and she still doesn't take him seriously. Be a little open minded for God's sake!

Nod is fine, until of course he makes a pretty awful decision near the beginning of the climax that almost jeopardizes the whole kingdom. Ronin and Mandrake honestly aren't that bad, but I feel like these characters could've been written better for people as talented as Colin Farrell and Christoph Waltz respectively. I'm especially upset for Waltz, that man is a legend and he keeps getting cast in generic villain roles. Screen writers seem to think that if they cast a talented person who was awesome in one really famous role then the scenes write themselves. Well that's not how it works. Good writing and good acting have to work in tandem. It's impossible for both to be good on their own. Waltz is an amazing actor when you give him material to work with. Quentin Tarantino knew this, which is why Christoph did so well in Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained. He's not even a villain in the latter!

Grub's whole character arc is that he wants to be a soldier, and by the end of the movie he's given the honor. But he doesn't do anything to earn this, making the moment feel pretty lackluster. And Mub represents everything wrong with modern animation. Loud, selfish, obnoxious, voiced by a comedian trying too hard to be like Robin Williams, you know what I mean.

This film is ugly looking, annoying, unsympathetic, and while it has a few good set pieces here and there, it's not enough to save it from the red zone. And I'm giving this film a 3 out of 10. Also Pitbull is in this movie. So that's a thing I guess.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

Now this is how to cap off a trilogy. Set a year after the second one, Hiccup and his team are setting dragons free and growing their bustling viking-dragon utopia. But a new threat causes the Berkians to go out and find a new home as well as a safe place for the dragons to stay.

I think it kind of goes without saying how fantastic looking this film series is, and Hidden World does not disappoint in that front. When they actually get to the Hidden World, the colors all pop and there's so much detail and hidden beauty to look for that even Coco would probably blush. It's a little disappointing how the Hidden World is barely in the movie. In fact, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure we only get one scene. But at least its plot significance isn't down played.

Recently I rewatched both Dragons movies, and Hiccup has to be one of the most transforming characters in film animation. Not just in terms of personality, but also in design. He's a scrawny shrimp in the first one, and it's a great representation of how he feels out of place and out classed by everyone else. It's also a good visual representation of how divided he and Stoick used to be. By the second movie he's gotten more ripped to show how experienced of a dragon rider he is. In fact, the difference between first movie Hiccup and sequel Hiccup feels like Ike's alternate skins in Smash Bros. And in the third movie he's practically an adult, ready to pick up where his father left off in leading the tribe.

Hiccup has to deal with a lot in this movie now that he's the one leading. When you become a leader, everyone's counting on you, and you have to be prepared to make mistakes. This is a new side of Hiccup we've never seen before, and seeing the way he struggles between protecting the dragons and doing what's best for the tribe is damn intriguing. It's also nice to see others around him showing their support. Especially Astrid, Valka, and Gobber, the latter of which is at his absolute funniest.

Oh yeah, and the voice acting is pretty amazing too. Granted this series has a pretty similar problem to Anastasia where the leads don't have viking accents, but at least it's consistent here. All the kids have American voices and the adults sound Norwegian. Or is it Scottish? I don't know what accent vikings use. Plus, when the story is this compelling and the characters are this interesting and the acting is this well done, you learn not to care too much. Also, it took me until about halfway into the film to realize that Tuffnut had a different voice actor. Justin Rupple did a great job sounding like TJ.

RB'sB: What happened to TJ? Sexual assault?

Well that and a fake bomb threat on a plane while intoxicated.

RB'sB: .... Well that's new.surprised pikachu 

Ah, and how could I forget Toothless? If you weren't convinced before that dragons are basically just giant cats, then the mating dance scene is sure to do away with all your doubts. It's also not every day we get a romance between two animal characters without any dialogue. The scenes where Toothless and the light fury are just flying around and enjoying each other's company are great, and these two are so damn cute together. Take that Lion King! I know Simba and Nala are animals, but they also have human voices and are possibly cousins. Shadow Cringe 

The villain wasn't half bad either. He's in it for the thrill of the hunt, and he makes quite the bold move pretty early in the run time, something I did not expect at all. He also probably comes the closest out of all of DreamWorks' villains to straight up succeeding in his plan.

This film would be perfect if it weren't for three annoying problems. Snotlout, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut. Snotlout's entire shtick is hitting on Hiccup's mom, Tuffnut's shtick is faking a beard and acting like some kind of big brother to Hiccup (though I do like the joke where he randomly yells out "I'M WITH HICCUP"), and Ruffnut almost gets the entire dragon stock stolen. No one acknowledges this, no one calls her out, and she doesn't even show any remorse!

Fortunately the movie doesn't lose its charm or emotional resonance, and that ending is one of my favorite endings to any movie I've ever seen. And I'm not spoiling a damn thing. Thank you DreamWorks for this wonderful trilogy. I should probably check out the show just so I can enjoy as these characters as much as I can now that the series is officially done. And I'm giving this film a 9 out of 10.

Let me know what you guys think of these movies in the comments and stay tuned for a wave of new material. As well as a wave of heat. Stay frosty.

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