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Canada Quest #2: Snakes On My Brain
Ahem... Cue the shitty piano music... [link]
"My name is Aston L. Hey, Hello!
Welcome to my cool review show.
I'll introduce my chums to you... (Myeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!)
Gyah! Get off my desk, Kitka-Boo!"
"Shoop be doo be doo beep bwee
My name is BMP
And Kitka, you're not allowed on my desk
So go away, you silly biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!"

"And now, for the review of Angela Anaconda, starring me. And not starring my beloved cat, Kitka. Because sadly, she's not as articulate as a real human being."
I regret nothing.
Hey, everyone, this is BlackMoonPaladin, the reviewing warrior of the night and that was certainly an homage... I wanted to find an instrumental version of the theme, but I decided to settle for the odd, bespectacled individual calling himself "Angela Anaconda" and calling a
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I Like This Gumball Episode by furikatsuma I Like This Gumball Episode :iconfurikatsuma:furikatsuma 11 14 Live Action All Stars Thor by ghffff Live Action All Stars Thor :iconghffff:ghffff 14 8 #6 The Tough One (Best Character Tropes) by EmeraldOfTheOcean #6 The Tough One (Best Character Tropes) :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 43 7
Character Comparison Extremists
What you thought I hated everything Marvel has done? Hell no. The movie Black Panther is awesome and something I wanted to talk about for a while.
Ares Wonder Woman Looking back Wonder Woman isn't that great of a movie and one of it's biggest problems is Ares.
Now Ares sounds good on paper. A villain who represents the opposite of Wonder Woman's optimistic belief in humanity and instead see's humanity as a plague and should be wiped out to make the world better. This could lead to Ares being an interesting villain who could make Wonder Woman question if humanity is truly worth saving.
But instead Ares is just generic. He has no personality outside of being Wonder Woman's opposite and just exists to be the big bad of the movie. While Superheroes best villains are usually their exact opposites in terms of what the heroes represent and their beliefs Ares is not on the same level as villains like Lex Luthor or The Joker.
Ares is just there for Wonder Woman to defeat and win and it doe
:iconghffff:ghffff 13 24
Character Comparison Tragic Villains
I really wanted to use Darth Vader as the positive but I decided to go with Ramses since he's a very underrated villain and I also wanted to talk about The Prince of Egypt which is one of the greatest animated movies of all time.
Harvey Dent The Dark Knight Ah The Dark Knight. Such a great movie but Harvey Dent is not one of those great things. In fact he's what prevents The Dark Knight from being an amazing movie.
Now on paper Harvey Dent sounds like a good character. He's a strong moral man whose life is ruined which turns him into a criminal who tosses aside the values he once believed in. On top of that he was a friend to Bruce Wayne as well as an ally to Batman so it makes him becoming Two Face all the more tragic as Batman looses one of his closest friends. It's why Two Face is one of Batman's greatest villains as well as one of the best villains in comics because of how tragic he is. So it seems like it would be impossible for him not to work in The Dark Knight. But sadly H
:iconghffff:ghffff 9 3
#9 Genki/Wild Ones (Best Character Tropes) by EmeraldOfTheOcean #9 Genki/Wild Ones (Best Character Tropes) :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 48 13
Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular REVIEW:
  Hello there, everybody. My name is JoyofCrimeArt and Halloween is right around the corner. Enjoy it while you can because the minute Halloween is over you know that big business and mass media are going to start bombarding us with Christmas music and advertisements twenty four seven, (assuming they even wait that long.) But regardless of that THIS time of year is celebrated with candy, pumpkin spiced everything, and of course Halloween specials. You got your Charlie Brown's and your Over the Garden Wall's and such, but if you ever watched Cartoon Network during the month of October during the early to mid two thousands their is one special you must of at least glimpsed at least once. That special is Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular!.......Ah, I see what you did there, it's a pun on... yeah, well played special. 

  In case you don't know Scary Godmother is an animated CGI Halloween TV special created by Rainmaker En
:iconjoyofcrimeart:JoyofCrimeArt 5 16
#11 PTSD Victims (Best Character Tropes) by EmeraldOfTheOcean #11 PTSD Victims (Best Character Tropes) :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 40 15 #12 The Leader (Best Character Tropes) by EmeraldOfTheOcean #12 The Leader (Best Character Tropes) :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 41 13 My Amiibo Collection by MikeTheHuman113 My Amiibo Collection :iconmikethehuman113:MikeTheHuman113 4 37
My Little Pony Movie Review
Moderate Spoiler Warning!

So it comes to this... 
I have a...tumultuous relationship with the modern My Little Pony series. Its first few seasons were charming enough, and provided lighthearted humor with good characters and story. While in retrospect I think it may have gotten too much praise, it was worthy of some acclaim and was in fact a show better than it had any right to be. 
Then the show kept going and things got weird. It had too many in-jokes and the plot made no sense anymore. It seemed like a show where all the problems were solved and all the ideas were finished. There was nothing more. Though the movie was announced before Season 5, my interest even in that dimmed. I even outright said the lack of promotion meant it would suck! Nonetheless, I decided to see it for the sake of completion. I knew in my heart this was the last gasp of a dying show, and accepted it as such--though I did get a glimmer of hope when I heard no major rewrite
:iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 7 5
Beautiful Bonds: Midoriya and Uraraka (MHA)
(Sorry if this looks off, this is the best picture I can get without it being a fan picture or with someone else in it).
My Hero Academia
Relationship: Best friends, partners, 
Created by: Kōhei Horikoshi
Opinion: These two have one major thing in common; drive. They both have drive to become an amazing superhero, despite their vastly different reasoning. I am halfway through season 2 (I just finished the Sports Festival), and these two have not had a single negative interaction since they met at the beginning of school. In fact, they get closer and closer with each passing episode since they spend a lot of time together and have even teamed up in battle. They are also willing to help each other with pretty much anything, from Midoriya trying to help Uraraka in her battle with Bakugo by trying to give her some tips, and Uraraka trying to help Midoriya get into UA by giving him some of her points (I know she didn't need to, but
:iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 16 10
HappyHyperHelpers Whos Better? AfricanAsura Collab by EmeraldOfTheOcean HappyHyperHelpers Whos Better? AfricanAsura Collab :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 22 5
Dr. W Reviews You Submissions
At long last, here is the followup to my 100k Views Special! I got several submissions from several talented content creators, and I loved what you all had to send for me. I will include the links to everything in this journal, so browse away. These works are in no particular order, and there is no prize for the one I liked best. This is just a showcase of my talented and creative friends. So tell me in the comments if my criticism was fair and which works you liked the best. Once again, thank you everyone who offered me work! You were so kind to do that and appreciate everyone's talents and generosity in letting me evaluate their pet projects. Well done! 
Sometimes I will talk to the writer directly if I am offering ideas for improvement or compliments, sometimes I will talk about the work on its own like I'm reviewing anything else. So if this is disorienting for you, it's just how I roll. I hope you understand. Plus, try not to take my criticisms TOO seriously. While I may be w
:iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 15 33
The Last Mabelcorn Discussion (w/Jediuser)
FE: Yes, yes, I know I've talked about this episode many times before, but this time, I decided to so something about it. So, I wanted to get someone who actually liked this episode, which there are quite a few. So, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Jediuser 
Jedi: Hello there, this is Jedi, here to discuss the pointlessness of reality with ForeverEvanescent with our discussion of "The Last Mabelcorn".
FE: What is going on, Jediuser? Yes, we are talking about the Last Mabelcorn, my least favorite episode of the whole show for reasons I will soon get into. Now, I love Gravity Falls, but I'm not afraid to admit that this episode is a stinker in almost every way.
...whoa, spaced out for a minute there. Anyway, I would like to say, I never considered this episode a 'stinker.' Honestly, while I don't think the show has any ou
:iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 8 5

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Favorite Neo Disney Renaissance film? 

13 deviants said Zootopia
7 deviants said Wreck it Ralph
3 deviants said Through Princess and the Frog
3 deviants said Frozen
3 deviants said Big Hero 6
3 deviants said Moana
2 deviants said Tangled
1 deviant said Winnie the Pooh

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From :iconinfraredtoa:

1: What show from your childhood holds up better today?

Avatar the Last Airbender, Chowder, Flapjack, Spongebob, Grim Adventures, Courage, K.N.D., Camp Lazlo, and Robot Chicken (not kidding).

2: A show that you've recently watched and love it so far?

The Venture Bros, Big City Greens, Craig of the Creek, Rise of the TMNT, Niko and the Sword of Light, and Final Space.

3: Favorite Characters?

Pinkie Pie, Bill Cipher, Grizz, Rick Sanchez, Max (Camp Camp), Weiss, Lavernius Tucker, Dewey, Mac, Abed, TFS Cell, Toph, Donnie, Todd Chavez, Hunk, H.U.E., and Unikitty.

4: What do you think of filler?

I've got a whole journal about that actually!

5: Favorite genre of shows?

Anything with tons of surrealism in it like The Venture Bros and Gumball. But not too much. It's good to have some grounding as well.

6: Shows you're looking forward to watching? (It doesn't have to be necessarily upcoming ones)

The Simpsons, Close Enough, 30 Rock, and Arrested Development.

7: Most underrated series?

Mighty Magiswords, Red vs Blue, Wander Over Yonder, Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

8: Series that you have a soft spot once in a while?

Flapjack, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Adventure Time, and Teen Titans Go!

9: Most Despised Series?

Not sure.

10: Most Despised Character?

  • Listening to: Cool Patrol
  • Reading: Journal 3
  • Watching: Dragon Ball Z Abridged
  • Playing: N Sane Trilogy
  • Eating: Cookie
  • Drinking: Milk
Guys, if I ever make fun of someone, please don't take it too seriously. I never mean any ill will against them as people. We're all just here to have a good time.
Thanks to :iconrushfan2596: for pointing out that I uploaded my journal twice. I have no idea how that happened. So if you did something on the other journal, whether it be a comment or a favorite, please do so again on the real one. I'd appreciate it.
I understand if some of you are a little confused by the title of this journal, and I honestly don't blame you because I'm a little bewildered myself. Let me break it down for ya.

There I was, waiting in line at my college's cafeteria to get some grub when :iconilovededede: sends me a note with a link to a blog that reviews MY review of The Loud House. Whaaaaaat?

I'm honestly kind of shocked that this happened at all. I mean, I never would've thought one of my crappy reviews would be significant enough for someone, from a completely different site mind you, to write a response. Obviously I had to read it, and it is pretty damn tough. Luckily not too tough. The reason I'm making this journal at all is to commend the fellow for doing such a tasteful job of critiquing me while at the same time being fair when I did something right.

The internet needs more guys like Thomperfan. I'm just happy I knew about this review at all. I certainly don't care enough about Loud House to continue watching it, let alone get a wiki account.

So here's what's gonna happen. Despite how good the response was, there are quite a few things I feel I definitely need to clear up. Whether it be jumps in logic, fallacies, or even questions.

The format is gonna be a little weird seeing how this is a review of a review... of a review. So here's a little key for you guys.

Bold=Thomperfan's Review      Italics=It's a Loud Loud Loud Review Text      Normal=My own thoughts for this journal

I wonder how far we can get this review inception to go. Let's start off this dive by starting this review of a review of a review!

(NOTICE: This review will be censored in some scenes. I'm sorry, but this is only so this blog won't get taken down. I hope you enjoy it.) 

Dang, reviews can get taken down on wikis? I guess I should start appreciating my freedom a bit more of being able to post links of teenagers killing baby Satan.

OK, this is gonna be something different from what I usually do here. I’m gonna be giving my response to a DeviantArt user’s journal entry.

“But Thomper, why DeviantArt? Didn’t you say your parents wouldn’t let you have an account?”

Yes, they did. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still go on it and look at certain things people have created. And yeah, even though it stinks that I can’t leave comments, about how great or bad something is, it’s still great just to look.

Now the journal entry I’m gonna be responding to is by this guy named RaccoonBroVA. From I’ve seen, his content is alright, he’s made some good character comparisons, and some not so good ones to, but he’s okay.

Oof, cutting right off the bat. Joking aside, I feel I should preface this whole thing with a very big upfront. I don't consider myself a very good reviewer. Like, at all. Certainly not good enough to warrant an entire response from someone on another website no less.

Reviewing things is more of a hobby then anything else, and it's not even something I take that seriously. It's mostly just a way for me to either get in a good mood or vent. It's therapeutic more than anything else. With this journal in particular, I felt more and more isolated and alone because of an unpopular opinion. So I got it out of my system, felt better about it, and even got some nice feedback to boot. 

There's a reason you see VA in my name and not "the reviewer". Above all else, I'm a voice actor, and a damn good one too! So keep all of this in mind as we go further and further.

But when I saw this review, I had some serious thoughts on it, and I didn’t want to just leave a comment, because 1. I can’t leave comments, since I don’t have an account. And 2. The stuff I wanted to say would take up too much space for just one comment, so I figured this would be better.

This is gonna be in the style of MrTyeDye’s Peeking Through the Fourth Wall series, where I type the dialogue that was said and add in any extra thoughts, if I have any.

And just to be clear, I’m not just gonna focus on stuff I disagree with. I’m also gonna acknowledge the positives of this review and try to be as fair as I can. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Sorry for the obvious title, but it got the most votes on my poll, so I think you guys are already okay with it.

Way back in the summer of 2016, Nickelodeon was showing promos for their newest cartoon following the boy who was the middle child to ten different sisters. When I first saw the promos, I thought it would suck. The premise sounded ridiculous, I didn't think the sisters would be very interesting, and the art style felt kind of lazy.

OK, I’m gonna tell you right now, I was the exact same way. I thought it was just one of those generics family shows that parents put on to distract their kids or something. The animation was honestly fine.

Come to think of it, was anyone actually excited for this show? Makes the fact that it became so popular all the more impressive I guess.

So I checked out the first few episodes, and I thought it was... harmless. There was nothing special about it, the show certainly could've been a lot worse. And I even managed to get all the sisters' names down pretty easily.

Again, exactly the same reaction I had. Although I did kinda struggle with Luna’s name for a little bit, but I figured it out, so, it’s fine.

Then I watched the next episode. And the next one. And the next one. And the next one. And the next one. And the next one

RB'sB: Hey man, you've got a phone call.

Phone: And the next one. And the next one. And the next one.

Now I know what you guys are thinking. Normally when a reviewer says that, they mean that they started getting more and more fascinated by the show as it went on in the same vain as Friendship is Magic or Gumball. But here's the real reason I kept on watching. I didn't watch because it was amazing. I was trying to figure out WHY it was amazing.

After all, it seemed to be the only show that anybody would talk about. For months I had to click through so many status updates, memes, artwork, and reviews all centered around The Loud House. Which raised the question for me. What's up with all the hype?

Homer Simpson - I Don't Get It-0

Homer Simpson - I Don't Get It-0

This I have to agree with. While I do love this show, I have to admit the hype is ridiculous. If you want, I made a blog addressing it here. I’ll try to sum up the reason I think TLH is overhyped as best I can. People think that the most modern Nickelodeon shows are complete garbage (Which they’re totally not.) And people think that the Loud House is the first good cartoon Nickelodeon has made in a while, and they’re also tired of SpongeBob getting all the popularity, so they want The Loud House to replace it as Nickelodeon’s mascot.

These people clearly haven't seen Harvey Beaks and TMNT 2012. Hell, the new turtles cartoon is pretty great so far. So I guess you could say I'm still very confused.

I could write an entire journal about hype killing a product, but the thing is, even before all the hype, I felt the exact same way about the show that I did when I watched the first episode. At least with Frozen and Avatar I can understand why they're so huge. But TLH is simply baffling to me. And now, I'm cursed to forever keep watching this mediocre show until I can finally find an episode that justifies the hype.

RB'sB: Wait a minute, I thought you liked the show. You even had it in your Top 20 Cartoons ever in that one status update.

I lied. I felt so guilty about not liking the show that I lied to you guys, and I lied to myself. I'm really sorry everybody. I thought that maybe if I forced myself to get the appeal I'd finally climb aboard the fun train, but it just didn't work. If anything, it made me even more frustrated with the show!

So, did you like the show, and then after that status update, you changed your mind? If that’s the case, than that’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all change our opinions on things. Or did you not like the Loud House even from the beginning and you just said that you liked it? If that’s the case, than you didn’t have to do that. People have different opinions and they shouldn’t be afraid to admit it, and forcing yourself to enjoy something is not a good move at all.

Since you asked, it's a little more complicated than that. When I posted the status update, and I know this is gonna sound strange, I actually tricked myself into liking it. That's what I meant about me lying to myself. I was so intimidated by the constant discussion and appraisal of one show that my brain wired itself to like it. It wasn't until season 3 came around that I finally started to realize something.

It was like a light switch went off in my head. After almost three seasons of it, I finally snapped myself out of denial and embraced the fact that I don't like this show, I never liked this show, and I likely never will like this show. Because season 3, and I know you and a lot of other people disagree with me here, really really stinks.

That's something I regret not covering more in my original review actually. I didn't spend nearly enough time on why I didn't like season 3. Probably because it was one of the most tried and true complaints of the show that I didn't feel like beating into the ground anymore than everyone already has, including fans. It's too damn predictable!

Roadie to Nowhere, I knew Luna would go back to music and Chunk wasn't homeless.
A Fridge Too Far, I knew that Lynn would win the fancy chef over with his normal cooking. There's literally a Spongebob episode about impressing fancy people with "low class" meals.
City Slickers, I knew that Lori would hate it in the city.
Net Gains, I knew that Lynn would eventually learn to be a team player. I know this isn't a bad thing obviously, but just because a moral is good doesn't mean the journey to it is. Lookin' at you Rainbow Falls.
Teacher's Union, I knew that the coach didn't lead an interesting life and would blow it on the date.
Insta-Gran, I knew that despite the episode hammering in that Myrtle is annoying AF that the episode would make a lame excuse as to why she does this. And yes, I said lame. I don't care if she was excited to be apart of a new family, people need to learn their boundaries and should be called out for BS. If you're gonna accept her into the family, then actually treat like family damn it!
White Hare....okay, to be fair, I couldn't predict anything in this episode due to how bat s*** insane it was.

Basically this i a problem the entire show was plagued with, and it seemed as if season 3 cranked the dial up to 11. Just enough to get me out of a daze. So, long story short, I really did think I liked The Loud House at the time. Once I had my epiphany, the rest is written plainly in black and white.

RB'sB: Which leads us to the elephant in the room. Do you actually think that a good TLH episode doesn't exist?

I don't see why that matters. I mean the journal was on April Fools Day.

I didn’t see that journal, so I don’t have a comment on it.

I essentially made a joke by posting a journal called "Top 8 Loud House Episodes (Part 1)" and told my brother, "You wanna know why I don't talk about the good Loud House episodes?" I left a majority of the journal blank to trick people into thinking it was longer, and if they got to the bottom they'd find this little gem.


Not very classy, but I'm still admittedly very proud of it.


Also, and I hate being that guy, but doesn't anyone else here think that having THIS many main characters for such a simple and episodic show is kind of a crutch? With this many characters, writers can literally fill entire voids in their episodes with the other main characters getting to do stuff. But the strange thing is that despite the endless possibilities, they've been doing nothing with them for about two seasons!

OK, that’s kind of a lie. Let’s not forget that in seasons one and two:

(Inhales deeply)

Lincoln realizes his best friend is lonely and finds comfort in spending time with Lincoln’s sisters, Leni overcame her fear of spiders (for a while) and saved Lincoln’s pet spider, We got to learn the backstory and the reason Luna is who she is today, Lana learned that she shouldn’t worry if she’s not like pageant girls and she’s perfect the way she is, Lola learning how to properly earn her sibling’s trust, Clyde got the confidence to be a big brother, Lana and Lola became Bluebell scouts, the pets made a new friend, the LKs have experienced love numerous times, Ronnie Anne learned that change can be good, and she has it great living with her extended family, Lynn Sr. got a new job as a co-chef, Lincoln and Clyde learned that even though their favorite show wasn’t real they could still find enjoyment out of it, Lori realizing she loves her family and shouldn’t rush moving out, and also learning that even though Clyde can be a nuisance, he is a really nice person, and she was being really mean to him, Lynn learning not to be too boastful when winning stuff, Lisa learned what true friendship really is, it was revealed that Leni is one of the most efficient party planners ever, Lincoln and Lynn Sr. got put on a game show that they both loved, Lincoln taught Lola how to read, Howard and Harold learned that they should stop worrying so much about Clyde and he can take care of himself, and Lana gave up her dream to save her siblings.

(exhales) And that’s not even counting what they’ve done in season 3.

Unbalanced Character Dynamics

These writers have infinite potential for episode ideas, so why have so many episodes only been about Lincoln? The episode is either just about Lincoln, Lincoln and Clyde, Lincoln and a sister, Lincoln and ALL the sisters, Lincoln and Ronnie Anne *shutters*, or Pets Peeved. There have been other exceptions like House Music and Friend or Faux?, but the only thing they have going for them is that they don't star Lincoln. And I can remember at the time of their releases how big a deal everyone was making out of it. Well it shouldn't be such a big deal! What is the point of having all these characters just to do nothing with them?

I refer to my last point, they did do some things.

Of all the opinions on my journal, this one is arguably one of the more vague ones. I understand how he misinterpreted my statement. So let me make one thing clear. The character balancing could've been a LOT worse. I still stand by it being unquestionably and unfairly in Lincoln's favor, but it's not like this show has the same problems as Steven Universe where characters literally can't be seen developing unless Steven's on screen.

But there's a very stark difference between those two. This may seem like a trivial statement at first, but it goes far deeper when it's put in practice. Nearly every episode of the show (barring exceptions like House Music, Friend or Faux?, and Garage Banned) is narrated by Lincoln.

Throughout seasons 1 and 2, the show will make a point to halt the progress so Lincoln can give some exposition to the audience or something else. The only reason I can think of for why they always do this other than to get the plot out more quickly is because the writers want you to know that this is Lincoln's story.

Back in my Captain Underpants review, I mentioned that despite the title, this was George and Harold's story. Deadpool doesn't just narrate because it's funny (not saying he isn't of course). He does it because its HIS story. Hell, even in Hercules, despite him being the main character, the Muses are the ones narrating because its their story to tell us. Hercules is simply the main character.

Yes, the characters have had plenty of moments to shine before, but whenever they get development, it feels more like an afterthought because of how much screen time Lincoln receives. It's not like the Muses where they occasionally pop in to give exposition. Lincoln is an actual character who has an affect on his surroundings, and until season 3, as well as those exceptions, came around, it just felt like, to me at least, he was constantly stealing his sisters' thunder. So while I acknowledge that the writers didn't do nothing with the sisters, I still firmly believe that there was a lot of wasted potential.

At least season 1 of MLP waits until the very end for Twilight to give the friendship lesson, giving her co stars plenty of time to shine beforehand. Even Steven Universe does a better job of fleshing out the characters thanks to the outstanding dialogue and atmosphere.

Some of the worst episodes are when the staff completely forget the sisters are even individuals and just have them act like a hive mind. Remember in Cereal Offender when all the sisters were there just to behave like brainless children and screw up Lincoln's end goal? Also, what was he doing again?

Bran Flakes-0

Bran Flakes-0

Getting a box of bran flakes? That's a worse character motivation than Grannies Gone Wild.

Rainbow Dash: 'Til finally you climb to the highest peak on the rails! Then drop towards the ground at lightning speed before coming up to a screeching halt! It's the coolest ride ever to exist in the history of Equestria!


OK, you’re right about that, but let’s not forget that the sisters did feel guilty and got Lincoln his cereal at the end.

Also, Rainbow Dash was probably just unleashing her inner child. We all have that memory of wanting to ride certain rides because you heard how awesome it was.

"Hey Lincoln? You know how we all acted like a bunch of idiots for no discernible reason other than to have a plot and got you banned from a store as a result of our hive mindedness when all you wanted was literally just a plain old box of cereal? Well here's a box of Zombie Bran that no kid in their right mind would find delicious, now that you have your cereal I guess this means that everything we did beforehand means nothing now and we should be immediately forgiven for the chaos that occurred earlier despite the fact that it's just a box of cereal and we probably get these things all the time considering we're a family of 13."

Have these girls ever been to a freaking grocery store before? I'd understand with the younger kids, and maybe even Lynn, but freaking everyone?!

Also Rainbow Dash riding a roller coaster would be the equivalent of a NASCAR driver getting on one of those tiny kiddie coasters at amusement parks and expecting it to be unironically amazing. I had to scale up a bit because, again, she can break the sound barrier. 

But that's another review, back to this one. Lincoln, to me, is one of the worst choices for a main protagonist I've ever seen. There is nothing interesting about him at all. I mean, he's nice. Okay. He has white hair. Fine. He reads comics in his underwear. How did we not realize Savino was a predator again? Lincoln, at his core, is the voice of reason of the group. He's there to reel in other characters from their shenanigans, and that's perfectly fine. But most of the time he's given nobody to reign in. Imagine if Applejack, Simmons, Ice Bear, Anais, or Squidward were the main characters of their respective cartoons. They'd be boring as heck shows. Or The Loud House I guess. At least Steven Universe is a compelling enough character to warrant all the screen time.

OK, I disagree with you on this completely, Lincoln is a great main protagonist, because of how relatable he is, I see myself in Lincoln in certain episodes, he like my role model to be a good brother. And yes, he does usually work as the voice of reason or the straight man, but he works just as well, when he’s not. I mean, look at the Sweet Spot, even though Lincoln was the man with the plan, he wasn’t exactly the voice of reason, he was planning on getting the best seat, and it was funny seeing him brawl with his sisters, especially, that little gag at the end. Also, I’d like to point out that AppleJack, Ice Bear, Anais, and Squidward (I don’t know who Simmons is) are the main characters of their respective shows, granted they don’t show up as much as the others, but they are part of the main cast. And the shows are not boring because the characters are great to watch.

Okay, maybe I was a bit too harsh on Lincoln. I simply just don't find him as interesting as other main protagonists. I also don't really care too much about relatability either. If anything, I've had a history of hating characters even more due to relatability. Also, I meant main protagonists, not main characters. Every show has a main cast, but most shows generally have a focal point to revolve around. MLP has Twilight, We Bare Bears has all 3 bears in unison, I.E. not just Ice Bear, Spongebob has... well Spongebob, and Red vs Blue has Church. By the way, that's the show where Simmons is from. Some guy in the comments said it was Hey Arnold!, and I've never seen that show.

So yes, they are the main characters, but they're not focused on NEARLY as much as Lincoln, relatively speaking.

Even The Loud House admits Lincoln has no character. In Ties That Bind, every tie connected to a sister's personality in some way. But because Lincoln has no personality, they had to say "the white hare". Get it? Because Lincoln has white hair and the tie is a bunny? Gotta love that misunderstanding plot.

OK, I think you’re looking way too deep into that.

Eh, I can't help it. I'm a bit of an exaggerator. Plus I think it's kind of funny.

For the most part, Lori's a pretty shallow character with painfully vapid dialogue, and when she finally has a whole episode dedicated to her, Lori's motivation is to beat another girl at getting the best selfies. Okay, Panda from WBB may be a phone hoard, but at least his interest in technology isn't rubbed into our faces obnoxiously. He even serves as a way to show all the benefits of technology. What benefits does Lori show for owning a phone? It gives you the means of defeating your self proclaimed rival for your own petty needs? Like, whatever. I literally couldn't care le- DANG IT! She's got me doing it!

OK, first off, Lori has had a few episodes dedicated to her. (The Waiting Game, Party Down, Garage Banned), and while I will admit, she started out bad, the episodes in parentheses along with other episodes showed us that Lori is fun girl, who loves her family. Also, her motivation in Selfie Improvement, wasn’t exactly petty, Carol had beaten her at everything single thing she tried to do, so she felt insecure and inadequate.

You're definitely right about Garage Banned, Party Down is debatable, and The Waiting Game is as much of a Lori episode as For Bros About to Rock is a Luna episode. She's certainly featured in it, but we all know it's supposed to be more Clincoln McCloud.


Pretty standard stuff beyond that like playing instruments and being easily the loudest and most annoying member of the cast. Nika Futterman is a fine voice actress whom I have nothing against, but she can't sing, and her freakouts are much better suited to characters like Sticks the Badger.

OK, first of all, she can sing, and second, her voice isn’t that annoying! Seriously, I’ve heard much worse.

Sorry, but my ear replacement surgery bill begs to differ. I'm glad you like her voice though.

And I guess you could claim that she's so awesome because she's passionate about her work, but so is Luan. Also, are we just gonna forget that she nearly killed Lily by trying to stage dive on her? How has that not been a heavy topic of discussion?!

It was one time! In one episode! She’s had plenty of better appearances.

I don't really have much of a defense for this one. I just like being an ass h***. Plus I don't like the thought of my favorite sister being slammed into mush potentially.

Speak of the devil. Luan, funnily enough, went from being my favorite sister to my least favorite over the course of the show. She is not a funny comedian. Her role in the show is comic relief, yet she's easily the most boring character of the cast. All she does is tell lame puns one after the other.

She is not a good antagonist. It makes no sense why she'd be so evil on one day of the year towards her family. The crap she puts her family through not only makes her look terrible, but it makes everyone else look like idiots. How does she have this much control exactly over a house of 12 others? Someone please explain to me how they've never realized their obvious advantage in numbers and just did this? (He shows a clip from Babysitting Satan.)

OK, 1, Of course they’re not gonna do that! This is a kid’s show! 2, They’re not idiots, they’re being safe. Luan is pretty powerful. And 3, I really like Luan in the April Fool’s Videos, it was only for one day, and she can do some pretty funny shenanigans, and also seeing her get her comeuppance is fun to watch as well.

1. Chill man, it's just a joke. Of course I wouldn't want to actually see them do it, just the thought of it is hilarious to me. Like a classic Robot Chicken skit. 2.Why though? Why does Luan have so much power over them? Again, she's just a kid. What am I missing here? 3. A list of her comeuppances.

April Fools Rules: Getting pied in the face. Um... fine?

A Fool's Paradise: Her family pranks her back, but she vows revenge anyway causing them all to flee. Hello stinger ending.

Fool Me Twice: I can kind of live with this one. Too bad the rest of the episode didn't work.


(He shows a clip of Jontron saying "You're a (Censored)".)

Oh for the love of- Okay, why do so many people have this vendetta against Lynn?! She is not that bad! Yeah, she can roughhouse, but she doesn’t have any malicious intent or anything. And yes, while No Such Luck, was her worst appearance ever, she’s had other good episodes, Lynner Takes All and Net Gains show us that Lynn does know when she messes up, and feels sorry for it.

I'm a little torn on this one. No, not whether or not Thomper is right. I'm torn on whether I should elaborate about my thoughts on Lynn. I feel like it would kind of ruin the joke of me leaving this clip in her section and nothing else. In fact, it's one of my favorite moments as a reviewer. I don't wanna take that magic away from myself! Let's just say Lynn may not be the worst character, but she's definitely the worst Loud sister in my eyes.



I'm sure many of you thought I was joking when I said Lily was my favorite TLH character. Well, do you believe me now? Lily is friggin' adorable, and that's basically all you need for me to care so much about her.

Wow, you and Adish would be buddies for sure.

Now I kind of want to meet this person.

When I saw how sad she was in The Crying Dame, I felt a part of my heart shrivel up inside. Lily is a shining star on this show, and she's not even my favorite baby character. Not even in the top 5. Those spots belong to The Boss Baby (not kidding), Charlie from Good Luck Charlie, Jack Jack, Pumpkin and Pound Cake, and Flurry Heart, the latter of which makes me feel like a narrator trying to keep a straight face while voicing a documentary about a house cat.

If i were a nature documentary narrator-0

If i were a nature documentary narrator-0

What about Maggie from the Simpsons? She’s a good baby character.

Sigh. I really need to watch The Simpsons.


Let's take a look at two other simple shows: We Bare Bears and Community. The former is one of the most charming cartoons airing, using simplicity to its advantage in order to be more entertaining, having a cast that's both likable and has enough breathing room, and the atmosphere is so much more inviting and soothing than the all the screaming and poop jokes found in TLH.

OK, the two things you just said are not that frequent in the show.

Well it certainly feels like it. But I guess that's just my problem.


Speaking of George and Harold, you know how I said their friendship was the heart of Captain Underpants and how every second they're onscreen together is like a drop of heaven? I feel none of that towards Clinlcoln McCloud episodes. These two just lack the same kind of chemistry that makes me want to root for them to be together. Instead of joy, I feel confusion whenever they get more screen time. Remember when Tricked! came out and how most people focused on the stuff the sisters were doing? Funny how 60% of the episode was spent following these two go against the stock bullies.

Did you watch “Deal Me Out”? If not, you should definitely watch that episode, It’s one where Lincoln and Clyde start to worrying that they may be too old for Ace Savvy, and we get to learn that Ace Savvy was a huge part of their life, it’s even how they met, Lincoln and Clyde ran into each other on Halloween, dressed up as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack, respectively. This episode made care for Lincoln and Clyde, just as much as I cared about George and Harold.

I did not nor do I have any immediate plans to. I'm done with this show. I wouldn't even be talking about this show right now were it not for your response. I'm sure Deal Me Out is a great episode, but a person's gotta know the difference between watching a show for fun and watching a show out of obligation.


And I sure wouldn't be harping on this if Change of Heart actually CHANGED CLYDE'S HEART!!!! It didn't even do what it said it would do. Clyde wanted to be a normal kid, but the writers decided that was just too essential of a character trait for him to lose. I can see why. After all, I literally can't think of any other traits he has. Also, I can't be the only one who thinks Clyde is only friends with Lincoln just to get closer to Lori right? I mean, he did say this when Lincoln was being ostracized by his whole class for not having a green house after all.

Clyde: I'll still hang out with you. In secret, of course. After dark.

That is NOT what real friends do. I don't care if it's meant to be a joke. Not every line in this show has to be a JOKE! And you also don't have to say the same joke twice in the same episode. I'm pretty sure comedy comes in three's you guys.

OK, now that is just cruel. First, you should at least acknowledge that Clyde made an effort to try and change, and there was no way he was prepared for what happened. Second, Clyde is not just friends with Lincoln to get with Lori, he’s friends with Lincoln, because they’re true friends, and they have a long history together. And yes, that line Clyde said in TGH was really bad, like really bad, but like I said about Lun stage diving on Lily it was one time, in one episode.

*sucks teeth* I think I might've gone too far on this one. Let me try to extend an olive branch. You're right. Clyde did indeed try to change his heart. I can acknowledge this. But if I can own up to this, don't you think you could also acknowledge that the ending to that episode was kind of bull s***? And I'm not even really blaming Clyde here. I feel bad for the poor kid! Why can't this show just let him have a normal relationship with Lori?

As for the friends with Lincoln thing, I think we've already acknowledged that I have a tendency to look too deeply into things. It's a flaw, I know, but at the same time, I kind of like doing it because it gives new perspectives on a piece of art that most of the time the artist didn't intend. Once again, we can chalk this up to me being an ass h***.

And three, I tend to focus on the worst of a character when giving a negative review. It's the best way to show off just how low these guys can go. Plus, I don't really have many positive moments to go off of, so it's my own problem.


I don't see how that makes her worthy of a spin-off show that will only last a season. Or at least as long as that other spin-off show.

I’m pretty sure people won’t really watch the spinoff for Ronnie Anne, they’ll probably watch it for her family. I noticed this guy didn’t talk about Bobby, Maria, or any of the Casagrandes, and that’s a shame, because they are really good characters, and they’re all better than Ronnie Anne. But even then, she was still a good character in The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos. She was forced into moving without any prior knowledge before, and when she really liked her own home, and wanted to go back, but when she saw how her family really cared about her, and all pitched in to make her room, she realized even though the change was sudden, it would be okay, and kudos to Lincoln for sharing his fourth wall knowledge with her.

I could not be more indifferent to her family if I tried. And because I don't like Ronnie Anne, I didn't really find myself rooting for her all too much.

At this point, I don't think I'll ever like Ronnie Anne. I don't even think I can tolerate her. I'm not gonna be immature and wish death upon her, but I think I at least deserve to get one punch in. Just one? Please? I'll even give her a slab of meat to heal. After all, that is the cure-all for punches right? It must be, it's the only explanation for why every cartoon says it is.

You know what, I totally wouldn’t mind if you did that. In fact, I can make something for you to do that.

Ronnie Anne punching bag

Here. It’s a Ronnie Anne punching bag. You can print it out and use it however you like.

*gasp* For me?! Wow, thaanks!!!! I'm just happy you were okay with me saying this. One of the comments in this guy's review literally says this.

"uhh.. death? really? this guy thinks Ronnie Anne deserves death? WTH?"

Did this f***er even read my review? Specifically the part where I said, "I'm not gonna be immature and wish death upon her?" Thanks for defending me though Thomper.

The animation also has a pet peeve of mine. I mentioned this earlier, but I'm not a big fan of characters with sticks for bodies. Stuff like Total Drama and Teen Titans Go simply don't work for me in terms of design. If I can imagine myself touching my thumb to my index finger and being able to fit it around a character's waist with room to spare, then the art style kind of bothers me. ASDF characters have more dimensions than this show.

OK, once again, I disagree with you completely. Not only are the characters really easy to draw, like I said before, the designs are pretty diverse. No two characters look alike. Same thing goes for TD and TTG. Look at the character designs and tell me that the characters look similar to each other.

Now up to this point, this guy's arguments have been pretty sound, but here it feels like he didn't even read my comment properly. Not once did I say that all the designs looked the same. I specifically stated my problem was that they looked like stick figures. Same goes for most of the characters in the other shows too.

Granted not every single character from these shows have sticks for bodies, but that's why I was advocating for different body sizes. When I look at these characters, I think one of two things. Their necks are gonna snap from the weight of their heads, or they should be falling over from top heaviness and roll around a little with their bodies sticking straight up, kind of like one of those dummies that never stays down when you punch it. It just bugs the heck out of me. Also, saying it's easier to draw is more of an excuse than a defense.


Remember when Lincoln spent all his time on a project and because of an explosion his grade went down? That wasn't funny. Remember when the family finally started having fun in their pool, but Lily pooped in it? That wasn't funny.

OK, you are kinda right, but I do have to point out something. Even though Lincoln’s grade got docked down. It was only docked down to an A-.

I've heard that a couple of times about the A- thing and how it's not that important. But like with any stinger ending, it doesn't negate the fact that it dampens the mood right before the cut to commercials. Also, grades have always been super important to me. This is where that relatability problem I was talking about earlier rears its ugly head.

There's also plenty of other moments delegated to other characters: Rita would rather have community service then deal with her family, Lucy getting constantly ignored, any Luan pranking episode, Luna's out of nowhere 180 turn attitude in House Music, and countless other moments.

OK, let me stop you on your first point: Rita is the mother of 11 kids!! And did you not see the montage in the beginning or the scene where the chaos was unfolding? Rita wasn’t abandoning the her family, she just needed to take a break from them.

I know that's why she did it, but that doesn't justify her resorting to breaking the law just to take a break. I know I'm not a mom, but surely there have to be other ways to get some personal time, right? And think of it this way. When given a choice between spending time in jail and doubling down on her duty as a mother.... she chose jail. And before you say anything, I know she technically learned her lesson. I'm just saying.

Everything is predictable. It was so obvious in Baby Steps that Clyde wouldn't have a brother. It was so obvious in Teacher's Union that the coach wasn't some big shot. It was so obvious in Roadie To Nowhere that Chunk wasn't homeless. It was so obvious in L is for Love that the letter wasn't for any of the Loud siblings. It was so obvious in City Slickers that Lori would hate the city. I know that comedies don't, and honestly shouldn't, have complex stories, but these plots are so much more annoying when the comedy doesn't work. This show doesn't have the luxury of telling one sentence plots like Gumball or Spongebob because there's not enough cleverness to the situations or dialogue to make up for the predictability.

OK, call me an idiot, but I didn’t see any of those twists you listed coming, well, I had my suspicions about Clyde getting a baby brother, but the rest, I didn’t know. This is a problem I’ve realized I have. Most people will say they knew an obvious plot twist, but for some reason, I almost never see them. Like in the Incredibles 2, people kept saying that they knew that the Screenslaver was Evelyn, but I didn’t. I thought it was Winston. Weird, I know. Anyway, getting back on track, I know these stories are predictable to others, but what makes them enjoyable to me, is what the characters get out of it; seeing Clyde getting the confidence to be a great big brother, seeing Coach Pacowski getting a partner out of Nurse Patti, seeing Luna realize that she doesn’t have to worry about not making it in the future, seeing the LKs (especially Luna) learning they shouldn’t be shy in showing their affections for someone, seeing Bobby comfort Lori and telling her everything would be ok. These conflicts got very satisfying resolutions, and I was happy with where the characters got.

Mate, let me be honest here, I freaking WISH I could be like you. Not knowing what's gonna happen makes stories a million times more interesting. But gosh darn it, I'm turning 19 and yet I already feel like a cynical curmudgeon when it comes to being desensitized to plots. It sucks!!! Also, Coach pretty much tried to kill Lincoln and Clyde. And he deserves a happy ending why?


You've made our point scene, everyone is annoyed. Get on with telling a story please!

Come on, dude. That scene only took up a few seconds of your life. It’s not that bad.

When an episode is 11 minutes long, Every. Second. Counts.

RB'sB: That grammar was terrible.

Shut up. My point is that you need to spend your time wisely, otherwise the pacing will become a mess.


Butterfly Effect - Pretty much everything.

That was my favorite episode.

I hate episodes that turn out to not matter at all.


A Fair To Remember
 - DUMB!

One of the most unpopular opinions I’ve seen.

Why does no one notice Clyde? How has Clyde stayed asleep the whole time? How does Lori do anything here? I haven't seen this episode in forever, so don't worry about this point too much.

Vantastic Voyage
 - Why are you guys keeping this terrible van if Lynn Sr. already learned his lesson? And I will cut a fool if anyone says "sentimental value". IT DOESN'T WORK!!!

Why not?

"Come on kids! Let's go get our old van that never works and is all around just awful back!"

"But Dad, why don't we just keep this one that actually works? You've clearly learned to accept letting us get it dirty, so what's the point of getting back a van that doesn't w-"


You can fill in the holes.


Back Out There - I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. Also, I'm pretty sure Ronnie Anne committed mail fraud.

What about the great moments between Lincoln and his friends?



or president of Aruba! Side note: I can't tell you guys how happy I am that the President of Aruba's name's Mike.

Uhhhh, Okay.

Okay, that one was a Game Grumps reference.

Change of Heart - Stop playing with this poor kid's emotions.

Hey, Lori realized her mistake, if that’s what you were referring to.

Actually I was more so referring to the writers.


Sound of Silence - Finally, Lincoln getting punished for a good reason.

No, he doesn’t!

Soooo, he didn't deserve punishment for blatantly ignoring his sisters and even going as far as turning the volume on his ear phones up when one of them tried to ask him a question? There's a difference between wanting alone time and straight up blocking people out.


Head Poet's Anxiety - Quick bro, get the camera! There's actually a good season 3 episode!

Um, what about:

Tripped!, Insta-Gran, No Place Like Homeschool, Net Gains, Fandom Pains, The Mad Scientist, Deal Me Out, Shop Girl, Gown and Out, Breaking Dad and Be Stella My Heart?

Like I said, get the camera.

Aaaand we're done! Never thought I'd make a journal like this ever. I guess that's what happens though when you say you don't like shows like The Loud House.

I'd like to once again thank Thomperfan for being such a good sport here. You sir would make a great ambassador for the Loud House fandom.

If you wanna read the full review, just click on this link.…

Until next time mates, stay frosty, and prepare your butts for my next review. Things are about to get weird!!!

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After seeing the season finale of DBZ Abridged, I knew I needed to update a little something.
From :iconinfraredtoa:

1: What show from your childhood holds up better today?

Avatar the Last Airbender, Chowder, Flapjack, Spongebob, Grim Adventures, Courage, K.N.D., Camp Lazlo, and Robot Chicken (not kidding).

2: A show that you've recently watched and love it so far?

The Venture Bros, Big City Greens, Craig of the Creek, Rise of the TMNT, Niko and the Sword of Light, and Final Space.

3: Favorite Characters?

Pinkie Pie, Bill Cipher, Grizz, Rick Sanchez, Max (Camp Camp), Weiss, Lavernius Tucker, Dewey, Mac, Abed, TFS Cell, Toph, Donnie, Todd Chavez, Hunk, H.U.E., and Unikitty.

4: What do you think of filler?

I've got a whole journal about that actually!

5: Favorite genre of shows?

Anything with tons of surrealism in it like The Venture Bros and Gumball. But not too much. It's good to have some grounding as well.

6: Shows you're looking forward to watching? (It doesn't have to be necessarily upcoming ones)

The Simpsons, Close Enough, 30 Rock, and Arrested Development.

7: Most underrated series?

Mighty Magiswords, Red vs Blue, Wander Over Yonder, Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

8: Series that you have a soft spot once in a while?

Flapjack, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Adventure Time, and Teen Titans Go!

9: Most Despised Series?

Not sure.

10: Most Despised Character?

  • Listening to: Cool Patrol
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