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Tales of a Low Tier Penguin
Super Inequality 2002
Jafar's Songs Ft. RaccoonBroVA.
Hello, everybody! I’m back! You all know Jafar and Iago are my favorite villains. And I thought, why not do something special for them? Now, what do you remember about them? Did you ever feel like something was missing? Well, for quite a lot of people, they took issue that Jafar never got a villain song. Yeah, he got a reprise of Prince Ali, which in its defense was a good number and works in the story as Jafar exposes Aladdin. But sadly, Jafar never got his very own number. But through the making of the movie, several potential songs were written. From what I’ve found, there are three that have been talked about the most by fans.
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ControChoices: The Stanchurian Candidate
Based on ControChoices from Intrancity (https://www.deviantart.com/intrancity) and a suggestion from Jediuser (https://www.deviantart.com/jediuser) Show: Gravity Falls User's Rating: OK A.R. Rating: Great-Amazing Opinion: This is an episode that I don't think is bad by any means, I just think it didn't live up to it's potential. This is an episode about Stan running for the mayor of Gravity Falls. Now that is a situation for Stan Pines that is a comedic gold mine. However, I don't think the episode really takes advantage of this concept and kind of neuters Stan in a way in favor of a plot point where Mabel and Dipper control him with a tie to make sure he doesn't mess up. Now granted, that makes sense to make the
ControChoices: Resonance Link (Soul Eater)
Based on ControChoices by Intrancity (https://www.deviantart.com/intrancity) Show: Soul Eater User's Rating: Mediocre A.R.R. Rating: Great-Amazing Opinion: I've made my thoughts on Black Star clear in the past. I think he is the worst of the main characters, as his egotistical gimmick got old really fast. I know a lot of people like the character, and that's fine, I'm not here to change anyone's mind. People always told me that he got better as the series went on, but in my opinion, I think he got worse as the show went on, and one of the reasons is that, to me, the show started to defend Black Star and paint him in a more positive light despite his actions not exactly correla
Mike's Guide to the Infinity Saga
Hey, you! Yeah, you! Are you somehow unfamiliar with the most profitable cinematic franchise of all time? Were you considering getting into it at one point, but never did for one reason or another? Do you view Disney as a monopolistic empire that will at some point own the very core of what it means to be a human being? Well, never fear, for your old pal Mike is here! And for anyone that I've described, whether you just could never get into the series for one reason or another, or you somehow avoided it for over a decade, but are considering getting into it while maybe being overwhelmed at the sheer number of films it appears necessary to ha
The Shadow Shard Deluxe Print Edition


Toffee Review (feat. BlackMoonPaladin/AstonLevy)
Previously on a random internet review of Battle for Mewni. RaccoonBro: We only have a few minutes left! RB'sB: Why do ya think I'm sweatin' so much! Luis: This could change the world as we know it. Mike: *Jigsaw voice* I wanna play a game. Powerpuff-Pony: I thought those things were extinct! Emerald: Don't you see! We're already dead!!! Voice in the sky: The pacer test will begin in ten seconds. RaccoonBro: I guess it's time to summon Aston. RB'sB: Go on. Summon your friend. Unless of course, you're too scared it'll end in disaster again. RB: Uhhh, NO! *frantically* I mean, of course I'm not scared, why would you even ask that?! I

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Question to those who have seen the new Aladdin. Why does wishing Genie free turn him human?
I've been really enjoying Spider-Man PS4, but wow is MJ an annoying character here. I honestly prefer her as a damsel in distress.
Aladdin Review
What’s up all y’all gamers and animation enthusiasts?! I hope you all have been having a good Summer. I know I’ve been enjoying camp, some amazing reveals at E3 *insert applause*, and a chance to rewatch some of my favorite movies. This includes a bunch of Disney movies! As I’m sure you all know, Disney is on top of the freaking world right now, having bought out all the biggest franchises and companies. It is both awe inspiring and at the same time ridiculously terrifying seeing how far they’ve come. This company has become so damn cocky that they don’t even need to write original stories anymore to make

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Do I need to read a certain amount before this one?
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Nope. Just a one shot between Gwen and Nikki, which I'm surprised doesn't happen more often. 
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Thoughts on this?
Bass To Mouth Fixes Up #ShockItToMe by yodajax10 ?
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Haven't seen either. Nice template though.
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