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Top 20 Favorite Animated Shows Explained

Hey, everybody. Rainbine here and it's time for a top 20 list. I know I said I was going to do my Power Rangers Ninja Steel 'review' and my Re-Watching MLP Journey Season 2, but I decided to do top 10 lists instead because it's a little easier to do. Know this top 20 list is going to contains bot the Top 10 Favorite 2000s and 2010s Animated Shows lists.
This is what the list is basically going to contain;
1. The order of each show from 20th favorite to absolute favorite
2. My reasoning as to why I love these shows
3. My Favorite Character from each show/reason
4. The rank of each show on a Scale of 1 to 10
And as always, this list is 100% my own opinion. If you don't agree, that is perfectly fine. By all means, let me know your top 20 favorite shows in the comments. Now, let's get started.
Number 20; What's New, Scooby-Doo?
The Reason; Scooby Doo as a whole has a very special place in my heart because I used to watch Scoob
:iconrainbine94:rainbine94 5 7
Canada Quest #3.5: No Pinching Allowed.
When we last left our intrepid heroes of Aston and Mike, they were traipsing through Dave's makeshift torture chamber that he constructed out of a haunted house. Suddenly, Mike turned a corner and found... something! Aston could feel his breath run cold as he turned the corner, as he dashed around the bend, a pair of glistening yellow eyes faced him, pupil-less peepers attached to a ghastly green face, with elven ears and freakishly sharp teeth!
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! HOLY SHIT! DAVE HAS AN ACTUAL MONSTER?!?!" went Aston, picking up a prop chair off the ground, as if the demon before him was some kind of circus lion. "Back! Back you monster, Be gone!" went Aston, thrusting the chair forward.
"Hahahahaha! Relax, Aston! It's still me!" Mike replied. "I'm just wearing...the haunted maaaaaaaaaaask, oooooooooooh!" he teased, waving his fingers around.
"Wha...?! Buh? Dude!" scowled Aston, throwing the chair to the floor. "That seriously wasn't funny! I thought I w
:iconblackmoonpaladin:BlackMoonPaladin 3 0
My Top 10 Favorite Stan Lee Cameos by FireMaster92 My Top 10 Favorite Stan Lee Cameos :iconfiremaster92:FireMaster92 74 7 Pik Gon Give It To Ya by PhoenixOfGrunvale Pik Gon Give It To Ya :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 54 5 Stan Lee Tribute by The-Doctor-W Stan Lee Tribute :iconthe-doctor-w:The-Doctor-W 156 22 Happy Extremists Whos Better? by EmeraldOfTheOcean Happy Extremists Whos Better? :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 19 7 The Greater Flame #18: Enter the Bughorse Wife by Caustizer The Greater Flame #18: Enter the Bughorse Wife :iconcaustizer:Caustizer 50 48 Piranha Plant Pipe Dreams by PhoenixOfGrunvale Piranha Plant Pipe Dreams :iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 125 27 Musical Guest Stars- Whos Better? by EmeraldOfTheOcean Musical Guest Stars- Whos Better? :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 17 4
Confessions of a Worn Out Deviant
Just a heads up: this isn't going to be a fun journal.  But it's something that's been weighing on my mind for a while, and I can't keep it bottled up anymore.
A few days ago, I sent out a poll asking whether you guys considered me to be part of the animation fandom/cartoon community/whatever we're calling it these days.  You may recall that I framed it as a serious question, and as such expected serious responses.  As of right now that poll is sitting at 10-3 in favor of "yes".  Now, to the ten of you who clicked "yes" and thus signaled that you do in fact consider me to be a part of this community, I just want to say that I appreciate your inclusivity.  I'm honored that you think of me as part of this group of people.
That said, however... you're wrong.  Completely wrong.  I am not a part of the cartoon community, and nobody should consider me as such, especially not after this journal is complete.  And here's why.
Let me start off with the fac
:iconirishhuskie2596:IrishHuskie2596 5 5
My Official Top 20 Favorite Male/Female Characters by FireMaster92 My Official Top 20 Favorite Male/Female Characters :iconfiremaster92:FireMaster92 55 3 MoldyButt is best Voldemort by Negan1994 MoldyButt is best Voldemort :iconnegan1994:Negan1994 10 6 Shown the Truth- Whos Better? by EmeraldOfTheOcean Shown the Truth- Whos Better? :iconemeraldoftheocean:EmeraldOfTheOcean 18 7
Mature content
How Love Began (Chapter 4) :iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 18 3
MLP FiM Season 8 Scorecard by LoudCartoonist99 MLP FiM Season 8 Scorecard :iconloudcartoonist99:LoudCartoonist99 16 6
Mike at the Movies: Teen Titans Go! to the Movies
Boy, does that make for a clunky journal title or what? But you know what? This journal is over two months late and I'm just glad I'm finally tackling this movie. Not just for that reason alone and because there's plenty of other movies this year I want to review, but because this has proven to be one of the most discussed movies in the community this year. As well as one of the most unexpectedly praised movies. I can remember when this movie was announced some time last year and everyone was expecting it to suck, to be The Emoji Movie of 2018, to insult the critics, everything. But a lot has changed since then, and I'll go into detail on that in a bit, since I do think it warrants an explanation, so just how does this movie hold up now that it is officially out, especially in the eyes of someone who's only seen a small handful of episodes from the show? Well, let's MikeTheHuman113 Go! to the Computer to Type Out this Review (god, that was terrible), because this is...
:iconmikethehuman113:MikeTheHuman113 9 15

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MLP season 8 may be one of the most intriguing cartoon seasons of all time. Anyone want an overview from me? 

26 deviants said F*** YEAH MOTHER F***ER!!!
2 deviants said Gross, more ponies?

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Even though I'd never, a part of me would certainly like to see what would come of this. Could you imagine if we all just started fake beefs with each other? It almost sounds kinda fun.
I have never gotten into a longstanding feud with anyone and that makes me sad. :(

Does anyone want to start a feud with me?
I think Stan Lee's death, while equally sad, had a different affect than Stefan Karl's arguably. With Stefan we were actually prepared for the inevitable, while today's announcement threw everyone for a loop.
Welp, my day is officially ruined. RIP Stan Lee, where would we be without ya?
I'm excited about the Detective Pikachu movie. And Ryan Reynolds actually sounds really good here. I did not think I'd be saying either of those things today.
Also there's a trailer for Detective Pikachu!

Looks awesome!
I'm gonna need to kick some a** for my upcoming finals, so I may be quiet for a few days. I know you guys will understand though ;)
Hi there! If you're reading this journal, then let me be the first to say 'Congratulations!' You've decided that you want to create your very own horror film. But not just any horror movie. You specifically want to tackle one of the most elusive and iconic versions of them all, the slasher film!

'But what is a good slasher film?' you may ask. Well, despite what many say, creating one of these movies is surprisingly not too complicated! All it takes is some talent, nerve, a little elbow grease, and these easy steps that must be taken to create the perfect slasher movie.

Step 1: The Setting

Nothing quite collects the scares like an eerie and terrifying playground for your characters to run around in. There are actually quite a lot of settings to choose from. And by that, I mean two. Suburbia, and the woods.

If you wish to go down the suburbia route, you may find some of the logistics rather tricky to get around. For example, with all the houses scattered around, how come nobody ever sees your slasher going about their business killing people? Or why haven't the police been called? And better yet, if the film is set around Halloween, as most tend to be, why aren't there any kids around? 

Here's what you do. With the first problem, simply have everyone in the town be stupid or a jerk. Is somebody banging on your door calling for help? Eh, probably just a prankster. Besides, Wheel of Fortune is on, and they're about to do the Final Spin! As for the police, you can refer to the previous solution by having no one care enough to call the police, and if you really wanna go the extra mile, just have the police suck at their jobs by not caring about what anyone says or just be stupid enough to get killed by the slasher anyway despite being armed.

The last problem is the easiest. Have your movie take place at night. Sure, murder is kind of shocking at day, but once the lights are turned off then every audience member will have wished they brought their brown pants. So the next time someone is about to kill you, just wait until sunrise for them to go back into hibernation.

If you chose the woods for your setting, then a lot of those problems are much easier to deal with. There's no reception in the woods, there's barely any people, and there's also the added fear of getting lost. Of course this also begs the question of how come the slasher never gets lost or what they do when there or no fleshies to exterminate, but odds are they've got nothing better to do.

Step 2: The "Protagonists"

You may be wondering why I put protagonists in quotes. Well that's because I use the term in the loosest sense possible, because let's face it. People aren't coming to your movie for memorable characters or impactful dialogue. Nope! It's all about those amazing kills that we're too afraid to admit are the best parts about these movies in fear of being called a psychopath. But in the mean time, you obviously can't just have a full movie with nothing but killing. Gotta fill up that run time somehow.

So here's what you do. Make most of your cast a bunch of teenagers, and then have them talk about sex. You'd think they'd have something else to talk about like school, sports, their careers, but we're dealing with teenagers, and we all know how horny them teenagers are! Just look at other brilliant documentaries about teen life such as American Pie or Big Mouth. They seem pretty accurate.

Your teens will be talking about sex a lot. Who to have sex with, who they're currently having sex with, and how much of a loser X character is for being a virgin. Well guess who will be laughing when the only character alive is said virgin? The answer is probably no one since said character will be seriously traumatized and the killer more often than not doesn't talk, or laugh.

But there are also adults in this world too. The most trustworthy archetypes to use include overprotective parent, parent who doesn't give a crap about their kid, parent who is overprotective while at the same time putting their kids in danger, and my personal favorite, the guy who gives ominous warnings and is deemed crazy by every other character. Well guess who will be laughing when all those people die when they didn't heed the crazy guy's warnings? The answer is the crazy guy. Because he's f***ing crazy. He just got lucky this one time is all. Can someone please get Crazy Ralph his soup?

Step 3: Murdering Your Characters

Now the really important part of your characters is figuring out who is gonna die, and in what order they will die. Figuring out who dies is as simple as 1 2 sex. Yup, that's right. If you have sex in a horror movie, you will almost always die. And unsurprisingly, considering the way most of these characters are written, a LOT of people die horribly. Bonus points to those who write in a double kill while the two are still going at it.

But if you have one person die at a time, this is a good chance to throw in some dialogue from one character wondering where the other character is and calling out for them. This will go on for quite a while since that person is dead, but like I said before, you gotta fill in that run time somehow. 

Other characters to kill include black guy......... and now you know who all to kill! Anything after that is optional, but it's good to get at least one black guy in there. It's pretty much tradition at this point.

One last thing. Leave at least one character alive who's pretty much the only likable character in the whole movie. Odds are they're a virgin too, as well as a girl. I would suggest using a girl here anyway because 1) Feminism points, and 2) Last time there was a final guy instead of girl, we got Nightmare on Elm Street 2, a film deemed to be the homoerotica of horror movies. So you know... just be careful.

Step 4: Scare Methods

There are plenty of ways to scare your audience without blood and gore. And the best part about these methods is that it helps a great deal with the run time! 

Now I know it sounds like a lot of-

???: HOOPLA!

...I know it sounds like a lot of-

???: HOOPLA!

...............It sounds like a lo-

???: HOOPLA!!!!

*camera pans*

RB'sB: HOOPLA!!! *gets hit by brick*

I know it sounds like a lot of hoopla over something as trivial as run time. But I can't stress this point enough. You're on a shoestring budget, your movie is about a guy who kills people, and you're supposed to get at least 2 hours worth of film before editing. You will need all the time you can get.

So one thing you can do is "set the mood" by having a character walk around or something and pretty much nothing else. Most of the time these scenes would be considered boring, but don't worry about that. You're making a scary movie, so these scenes will be observed as ominous instead. This means audiences believe they're being scared, and you have the added luxury of reaching that 90 minute mark more easily. It's a win-win!

Speaking of ominous, it's good to throw in some of those classic POV shots. Particularly ones with heavy breathing. Seriously, these movies love the crap out of POV shots, they're freaking everywhere. It doesn't even have to be of the slasher's perspective. It could just be a friend of the main character who taps the other character on the shoulder instead of just saying their name like a normal person would. Speaking of which, now's a good time for a jump scare!

You may have thought only ghost movies today use jump scares, but my friend, these bad boys have been around for decades p***ing audiences off everywhere. And if you're feeling particularly edgy, then think of the one thing worse than a jump scare. A fake out jump scare! There's literally nothing scary about this scene. But hey, you threw in really loud music, a method I like to call the shotgun blast, so your crowd will jump at the very least. Surprising may not be the same as scary, but they don't know that ;)

Step 5: Nudity


Step 6: The Slasher

And here we are at the final step of the process, and by far the most important. The being you choose to kill your characters is the image that sticks in your audience's mind the longest despite the limited screen time.

When it comes to design, you've gotta pick the best mask you can think of. It doesn't have to be a scary mask either. Was anyone really scared of hockey or Captain Kirk before slashers came out? A mask is an easy way to give your killer a sense of omnipotence. They're not just some regular human. They are a monster with a one track mind. And it may as well be a one track mind so that you don't have to worry about silly things like motivation. Sure, you can throw some back story in there, and even make a connection between the killer and the main character. But other than that, just make them crazy! 

I mean, if this was actually a smart psychopath, then they'd likely only need to kill one or a maybe even a few people depending on their agenda. But the blood bath is the best part, so as long as they're crazy and never talk, silly things like motivation don't matter as they barely even count as human. As long as you can throw in more kills to spice things up, you're pretty much golden!

But even if the slasher is technically human, they really aren't. I don't care what kind of weapons your character has or how good they are with them, your slasher can never ever die. After all, you've gotta make some of that sweet sweet box office money off butt loads of sequels and spin offs. There is of course the option of simply changing your killer, but if you're franchise strays off the beaten path even a tiny bit, people will hate your movie and consider it terrible, even if it's objectively of the same quality as the rest of the franchise. So whatever you do, don't kill you slasher, and don't change your slasher. Especially if they've already been in two movies.

So what weapons does your slasher use? Guns? Pfft, heck no! Nowadays, most audiences associate guns with cool characters like Deadpool or John Wick. Plus, we wanna give off the illusion that your characters will have some chance of surviving. So absolutely no firearms of any kinds. How are you supposed to stab with a gun anyways? The most memorable and scary kills come from knives, machetes, blades, saws, pretty much anything your slasher can get their hands on.


Congratulations! You have now reached the end of you slasher movie! But before you go, you might as well throw in just one last scare for the audience. Even if it makes literally no sense even within the context of the film. You could have your slasher not be dead, or allude to a new killer, have the supposedly main character get killed in what is more than likely just a dream and doesn't even matter since they're in the next movie. Or if you're seriously low on ideas and can't use anything else, just have a character look directly at the camera and slightly scowl. Because apparently that's all it takes to be scary. A fourth wall break. And nothing else....

You have now completed your tutorial on how to make a slasher movie! You have the tools, now get on out there and make art, money, and a difference! Just please don't end your movie the way I was talking about. It's really really stupid.

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Batman Forever: Not a very good movie...but it had one hell of a soundtrack!:
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So, what are your thoughts on the Grinch?
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The two flicks I can think that did really scare me are the original Texa's Chainsaw Massacre and Eraserhead (all David Lynch movies are scary one way or the other but that one takes the cake)
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No wait, Nightmare On Elm Street is definitely up there. If it were for some of the worst groups of parents I'd ever seen in fiction, I'd consider it one of my favorite movies.
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