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Kantas Akra

Kantas Akra for Rainmeter.

Simple media player widget that shows beautiful effect of digital VU-Meter while allowing you to control your favorite media player.

There are three variants of skin:
  • Large - that shows large track info display.
  • Small - that shows small track info display.
  • MediaKey - player independent, for not supported media players.

Multiple customization options:
  • Transparency - separate transparency options for text and VU-Meter.
  • Color - set the color of the skin to your preference.
  • Styles - choose from four styles of VU-Meter.
  • Show or hide gradient background and background lines.
  • Choose update rate and update divider to tweak performance for lower CPU usage.
  • Choose different settings for AudioLevel plugin to tweak VU-Meter effect*.

Be sure to install latest version of Rainmeter which includes AudioLevel plugin.

*I am not audio-science expert. Settings value for AudioLevel plugin are based on trial-error, AudioLevel documentation and Audioscope 1.0

AudioLevel plugin by dgrace
Settings values and measures-meters with help by Audioscope 1.0 by HiTBiT-PA.
Settings window design inspired by Work Launcher by ActiveColors.
Color chooser RainRGB4 by jsmorley.
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Thx so much on your Work

i like it😍

its amazing, but can you make a setting to adjust bar count and height?

is there any way to rotate this by a certain angle?

Gracias por compartir su programa.

very, very, very good

It looks and works great except for the time stamp thingy :((

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I share the best Rainmeter Skins on my website. Can I publish this skin at my deviantart profile and ?

Kantas Akra Rainmeter Visualizer and Music Player
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Nice Design, like the example song xD...

good job sooo good:)

This is super cool guys. THANKS!

can you make this color shifting?

the lines didn't show up, only the title and the artist showed up.

Hey everyone, I recommend you to use only this visualizer


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