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Kantas Akra

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Kantas Akra for Rainmeter.

Simple media player widget that shows beautiful effect of digital VU-Meter while allowing you to control your favorite media player.

There are three variants of skin:
  • Large - that shows large track info display.
  • Small - that shows small track info display.
  • MediaKey - player independent, for not supported media players.

Multiple customization options:
  • Transparency - separate transparency options for text and VU-Meter.
  • Color - set the color of the skin to your preference.
  • Styles - choose from four styles of VU-Meter.
  • Show or hide gradient background and background lines.
  • Choose update rate and update divider to tweak performance for lower CPU usage.
  • Choose different settings for AudioLevel plugin to tweak VU-Meter effect*.

Be sure to install latest version of Rainmeter which includes AudioLevel plugin.

*I am not audio-science expert. Settings value for AudioLevel plugin are based on trial-error, AudioLevel documentation and Audioscope 1.0

AudioLevel plugin by dgrace
Settings values and measures-meters with help by Audioscope 1.0 by HiTBiT-PA.
Settings window design inspired by Work Launcher by ActiveColors.
Color chooser RainRGB4 by jsmorley.
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Hey everyone, I recommend you to use only this visualizer


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i only wish you can mnake it bigger. otherwise, nice job!

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alguien me ayuda esa skin se dejo de mover

y no se que hacer

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con que aplicacion lo puedo instalar?

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Nice I like it very much and thank you for your kindness

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Really beautiful skin

love your work

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You are insane dude! Thanks!

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Thankyou for this cool skin...;P

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Thanks for this!

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fantastic! but how do I change the size of the bittrack?

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I have unzip the file but can't find the installer for rainmeter. Can anyone guide me? This is my 1st try using this

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never mind. The solution was to use google chrome instead of mozilla firefox. Mozilla firefox download the file as zip whereas google chrome's the one with installer. How annoying is that :|

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Lo estoy abriendo desde Google pero no me sale la opción de instalar, me aparece q tengo q descargar una app para poder instalarlo, me ayudas?

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this is what i was lookin for man thankkssss

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