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By rabra

Kantas for Rainmeter

Simple Media Player widget with Digital VU Meter :)

VU Meter Code by HiTBiT-PA as found in Digital VU Meter 1.0
AudioLevel plugin by dgrace

Repackage: 20140814
There are no changes in skin since last version.
This is simple repackage that does not include AudioLevel plugin. Since there are a few users that have reported virus presence, plugins have been removed.
You can download latest version of plugin at AudioLevel.

Version: 1a (20140725)
Hidding Progress Bar when media player is closed.
Hidding Media Player controls when media player is closed.
Settings window shows currently selected media player.
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I noticed some sort of lag with this visualizer when iTunes is set as my music source. This lag causes all of rainmeter to freeze for at least 30-60 seconds... other audio sources haven't lagged once tho. 
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Hi. how do I turn it around
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hello thanks for a great skin, I just have a problem I can not raise the sensibility because the lines are very short and you do not see the low volume thanks again for your help.
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Hi. Sensitivity level is not handled by the skin. It defaults to the Rainmeter original values. Try increasing volume level in media player and control volume by using general volume control.
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ok I will, thank you for answering me.
Not showing bars on windows xp... :| (Blank Stare) :( (Sad)

Check here :
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I think that Windows XP is not supported by visualization plugin. Rainmeter has dropped WinXP support since version 4.0.
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"Kantas" is sing in Esperanto, if  y'all didn't know :P
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Doesn't support music bee?
Edit: Nevermind, works. Just had to enable CD Display cover plugin.
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Hey man, great looking widget!
It doesn't work for me though, only the audio bars work.
I've tried foobar2000 and Spotify but no luck, any solutions? :(
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Spotify is partially supported player and Rainmeter does not detect it as activated so player controls are hidden. You need "foo_cad plugin" installed for foobar2000 to work. You can try Aimp, iTunes, Winamp or WMP. More about players at Rainmeter docs. Audio bars should work for any sound.
Hope this helps.
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Darn! I only use Spotify.
Oh well, thanks anyway!

EDIT: There are some skins that are made for Spotify and they work perfectly, do you think you can make something like that with the same skin style as above? That'd be cool.
The one I'm using currently for Spotify is called "MonsterCat Visualizer" and "Lano Visualizer" made by the same person.
Do you think maybe you can contact him?

Thanks in advance!
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I have plans to update some of my skins but Spotify is not available in my country so I cannot test it.
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I guess you could let me test it?
Or you could use Hotspot Shield or something like that and test it yourself.
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used your work ( and modified it a bit ) here
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Hey man, your setup look good.

But I think that it is simple repackage of someone else's work with minor alteration for your own likings. You could have just put screenshot of your personal setup and links to the original art work as the source of it.

I do not allow re-packaging, or distribution of my work as part of multiple skins packages as most of artists do not allow that too.

Consider removing download link since all original artist in question reserve right for their own original art, and they can report you for permission issues.
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i was wondering if i can increase the bar numbers . 
This is simple, yet amazing
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