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CoveR for the Rainmeter (R for the Record)

Uniting analog clock and music displaying widget, i find this little one very useful. Hope you like it too...

Customization options:
  • Background - set widget background to clear or record theme.
  • Album art decoration - set bordered or record overlay on album art.
  • Show or hide analog clock overlay on album art.
  • Show or hide album and track info.
  • ...

Settings window design inspired by Work Launcher by ActiveColors.
Color chooser RainRGB4 by jsmorley.
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doesn't work with spotify for me. I've selected the Spotify music player and I've got the DLL plugin from another skin, what else am I missing?
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Hi. Spotify is partially supported player and Rainmeter does not support displaying cover art.
More at: Rainmeter docs.
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although I've found that media buttons work. How do I get the cover and metadata work?
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I love this skin, but i have one small concern, its very small. Could i make it bigger? if so how?
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Thank you. This is it. Size is fixed. Changing size requires complete rework.
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I LOVE this rmskin it's really pretty and looks great with my desktop, but some (a small percentage like 10%) of my covers aren't showing, I'm using foobar and foobar displays the cd cover, so why doesn't the skin? Any ideas?
THanks for all the good work!
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Thank you :)
I don't know what might be the problem. Make sure you have foo_cad plugin installed that is required by Rainmeter. I am using AIMP as my music player but I have installed the latest versions of foobar2000 and Rainmeter with cad plugin and it works fine. Maybe if you do not have cover images and foobar fetches it from net and Rainmeter fails to display it from some reason.

Please try some other Rainmeter skins to see if the same problem occures with them too. Hope you solve the problem.
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Awesome, thanks for sharing!
May I ask you something? When I try to install a .rmskin file with rainmeter it shows a pop up with the following message:

'Invalid package:
The Skin Packager tool must be used to create valid .rmskin packages'.

My OS is Windows 8.1 and I've been having this issue since I started with Windows 8. Don't know why this happens, I never experienced this in Windows 7. Thanks for your attention and excuse my poor English :)
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Sorry to hear that.

I don't know why it is happening. I can suggest you to install the latest version of Rainmeter and try again. If it does not work try removing Rainmeter and all configs and then doing clean install.

You can always right click on .rmskin package, open it with 7zip and extract content in Skins folder.

Hope you find the solution.
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I've already tried uninstalling Rainmeter once or twice and it's still the same, no matter what I do.
By the moment I'll try to extract the files and put them in Skins folder as you said, thanks a lot :)
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Awesome work!

Is it possible to set the clock to show up only while there is no music playing? I mean... The clock hide automatically when the music starts and when it stops show up again. I think it would be a cool feature, maybe modifying some config files or in a next version?

Sorry for my english.

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Thank you ;)
Yes it is possible, but that behaviour is not inmplemented. I thought of it as if clock could be turned on or off. In future version, maybe...

All best.
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i want vlc plug in for it
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I have this working using the SpotifyPlugin DLL. What a fantastic plugin. The coding is elegant and VERY well organized. I have learned SO MUCH tweaking this code for Spotify. It is just gorgeous. Thank you SO MUCH for creating it. 
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The design is phenomenal! Thank you for creating this!
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Nice work! What do you think its happening? hostr.co/r9dhEvCKrB0d
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I think image mask is not applied. Try installing latest version of Rainmeter and Windows Platform Update if required. Read previous comment for a link.
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Done! thank you Rabra!
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