So here I am again

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It's summer and everything is fine again. Maybe a bit to fine.
I'm feeling so happy and glad at the moment that I don't have much time or lust to get creative. Isn't full contentedness a kind of state where creativity gets lost? Maybe it's because you have everything you need, or at least think you have. And that means you are in no adversity and have no problems. At least it feels so! Of course it isn't that way.
But don't you need to be in some kind of adversity or have to have problems which really encroach into the deepest depths of yourself, to be able of being creative? It's the same with money. If you havn't much you get creative. That means you find ways to get something you want!
So many great artists were pure wrecks. If speaking of their psychical state. But they fought and lived the life they wanted to live. That deserves respect!
Well I got a bit thoughtfull and sentimental. Hope I did not bored you with my words.
I wish everyone a wonderful summer and much much much CREATIVITY!
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Styxcolor's avatar
lol muss nicht unbedingt so sein...
manche Leute drehen auch ab, wenn sie nicht gerade eine schlimme Zeit haben. Vllt hast du ja jetzt plötzlich auch Lust, süße Kätchen in Regenbogenschiffchen im Rosenbeet zu zeichnen? ^^
Eher nicht...
Freut mich, dass es dir so gut geht ^0^
Rabotnik11811's avatar
Hab mich ein bischen umgeguckt auf DA und es geht nicht wenigen so. Es ist halt Sommer:)