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Dear watchers and friends!
I've a problem. My laptop finally left this world. This asshole hopefully died a painful death! After having to replace his broken harddrive once, a broken malfunctioning battery, a demaged display,... he is now not among us anymore...
So it will take SOME time to rescue the data, if this is still possible, and get some money for a new Laptop somehow... Damn!
I won't be able to upload anything in the near future. That does not mean I'm not doing anything. I will paint and draw like before. But maybe I've to find a job for money making, so time will be even more precious.
But I will regularly check messages for your new stuff. So don't hesitate to write something. Probably you just have to wait some time longer for an answer. I'm sorry.
Maybe I'm gonna share my experiences about the time without the PC;)
Hope I will get along somehow...

So what to do?
Yeah I know! I'm gonna read more books than before, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, use my free tickets for the theater... and visit the Internetcafé. (There I get FREE COFFEE if I visit often! What a compensation!)
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Klingt irgendwie nach meinem Laptop, nur meins hat sich wieder eingekriegt, bzw. ich konnte meine Daten retten. Du wirst das sicher auch können!
Viel Erfolg und nein, du wirst nicht durch einen Roboter ersetzt ^^b

Bis bald!