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Phrixos and Helle

By rabiya
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According to Greek mythology, Hermes sent a golden ram to rescue the two children, Phrixos and Helle from certain death. The ram swept down from the sky and while carrying the 2 to safety, Helle fell into the sea and drowned. When Phrixos arrive in Colchis, he thanked Zeus by sacrificing the Ram. It was restored in the heavens as a contellation (Aries). The Golden Fleece became a prized possesion and it was later sought by Jason and the Argonauts. Please note that PhotoBreed stock was used in this image.

I'm currently studying for the Adobe Photoshop certification exam and created this piece to go over some of the stuff I need to know for the test. I also used it as the basis for a tutorial I'm writing on basic masks and layers.
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its absolutely fantastic. I love this type of art.
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Thanks for your comments! I appreciate them. I actually have the tutorial done. Just finished them. Right now it is in a .doc format. I'd be happy to send you the word doc if you don't mind that format? I also plan on setting it up in html format and can send you a url at that point. ~Rebecca
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well done, nice texture and colors, layers are blended well......... I am sure you will do well with the test..... would love to see the tutorial when done.............