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Star Trek Nighthawks

I really wanted to do a Star Trek version of Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. I've seen so many other parodies done, including several Star Wars versions. However, it was important to me that it wasn't just the cast of Star Trek thrown into the setting of the painting. I wanted to give it a somewhat "real" feel and thought about what it was like for the crew when the ship went in for the refit at the end of their 5 year mission. I wanted to work in some of that depressing feeling the original had.

Email me for PRINT INFO!
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I love to make my brother laugh. Thanks!

... "need" it for my desktop :-)

Hi, where do I get a copy of Star Trek Nighthwaks?

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Nicely done.  Excellent idea.
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Nicely done! :D

I bet Scottie asked for a whiskey.  
This is fantastic :D
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Greeeeat idea!!!   ;)
scifieric's avatar
Very cool concept!  Nicely done.
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I like that :)

And a very, very good use of that classic picture - very good sir :D

Caught that atmo very well :D
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well this is simply brilliant. you have given it some thought and it shows.
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Thanks so much!
Very nicely done. And if I may say- fun.
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Bonus Multiplier: the airlock door from Space: 1999.
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Good catch! Yes.
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I gotta an eye for BG stuff like that. *thumbs up*
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This is just brilliant - Such a clever take on the original
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Thanks so much!
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Such a great idea paired with excellent execution.
Rabittooth's avatar
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Alright, I'm making a Star Trek folder...
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Woot! I made somebody create a folder!
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It's not so much that I don't like Star Trek, I like it well enough, but I don't like a lot of Star Trek related fan art for some reason. It never quite reaches me like it should. But this thing you've made here just seems like such a perfect, charming little piece and shouldn't be so easily forgotten.
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