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Jedi Master Spock

By Rabittooth
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Did this one quite some time ago. It's in the "What if" section of my Jedi and Sith wallpaper section of my site ( www.rabittooth.com ) . Recently it's been getting more attention on various websites (including George Takei's Facebook page) and my sig was wiped out and replaced by someone else's. So ... thought I'd repost it here for my fellow deviants.
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:yoda: Hrmmm! Is Logical! Needs of Many - The Needs of Few far outweigh!

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I love this picture.Live Long And Prosper Icon 
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Roddenberry is rolling in has grave XDXD I love it
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"Embracing the Dark Side is highly illogical". 
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The Perfect Jedi. (not that that's a good thing.) I hate the Jedi mentality.
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May the Logic be with you
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Interesting concept and oddly enough the look suits him!and I agree he definitely would make a great Jedi!
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Oh hell yah! Nice Artwork job on this!! 😎
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I have seen some people comment on YouTube saying Spock would make a good Jedi, so it seems legit. :)
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i dare say that spock would make for quite the perfect jedi, perhaps even be worthy of being the chosen one in his own right

if anyone could properly represent all sides , all apsects of the force both of the light and of the dark equally, while finding lasting inner peace and internal balance within himself personally, if any one could play the long game of long odds in bringing lasting balance to the force through sheer logic driven morality itself it would surely be spock
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Really great <3
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Love seeing this right now.

Making an indie tv show with a character a lot like this :D :D :D

>>>>> www.facebook.com/Inter-Dimensi…
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I can buy it, Jedi are supposed to be emotionally detached and the Vulcans do that quite well (even filthy half Vulcan, half humans like him)
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