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Einstein Yoda

ashup of Albert Einstein and Yoda.
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Yoda best theoretical physicist ever!

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The truth revealed
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Haha, this is funny! 
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You know yoda was designed after Einstein.
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Correct. Hence ...
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I need to show this to my best friend. And no one will ever know how she died. 
No, seriously, this is whoa!
Love this. Would you mind if I use this image as an avatar on my indie music social account? It's just a fan account:
I've put it on there, but I'll pull it off if you wish. Cheers.
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Ironically,it was E.T. the Extraterrestrial whose face was based on him.
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Really? Didn't know that.
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It was one of the many tidbits of information swirling about in the days when that film was a monster hit.
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Two great sources of wisdom in one package! :D
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Interesting trivia: Stuart Freeborn, the guy who designed Yoda (and Chewbacca) has stated that he based Yoda's face on a mix between Albert Einstein and his own. Is that what inspired this? It's awesome!
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Not initially, no. But folks have told me that since I posted it. They certainly seem connected don't they?
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let the Force = E times squard
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