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Blank Abbey Road - No Beatles

So I had done this Abbey Road Star Trek parody: [link] , and I thought ... the biggest pain about that manip was preparing the background by eliminating the Beatles. So, here's the background I managed to get after I had done so. I thought other folks might like to try their hand at different cool Abbey Road parodies and this would go a long way toward helping them do so. If you do use it, I'd love for you to let me see what you've created! :)
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Your background saved me a lot of time! Thank you for uploading it. I made a parody with my Silkie Chickens. I hope you like it!


Chickey Road 3
Great fan of your work! This looks amazing. Can’t help but notice the uneven zebra crossing. I happen to have a Beatles art work in my house with this exact same zebra pattern and I can’t seem to find the origin... Can you tell me a bit more about that? x
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I kinda remember intentionally making the lines different from the album, more like a bar code, but don't remember why.
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Don't need to! Just download and use!
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AWESOME WORK! I know I see a parody of the Beatles' Abbey Road photo with The Simpsons and two of the characters from Disney's 1998 film 'The Parent Trap'.
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Thanks! yeah ... the possibilities are endless. :)
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This is the background I was looking for: Just walking on a road
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I just had to do this version as well: The famous Queens' photo
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I know you've already seen it but in case you need to have this for keeping track here's the link to the picture :) Thanks again for the stock, i would have had gone crazy without it!! :hug: 
Abbey Road by SitwatHashmi
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Oh man .. that's awesome.
Do you have The picture in Good resolution 
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It's available for download here at 3100 x 2354 at 600. That's not good? 
talonvaki's avatar JUST what I need for a lame idea I just had. But THANK YOU. I will let you know when it's done.
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Awesome! Can't wait to see it!
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VERY nicely done!
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And you have full credit on my blog too - thank you again!…
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Me, too.
My MBP died on's in the shop. No Photoshop for me til I get it back :-(
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Thanks for sharing this background with us... I just finished making one up for my son & although I wanted him to blend into it a little better, I decided to stop while I was ahead & still had a little sanity left.  :)…
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That is AWESOME! Made me smile.
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