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An Introduction to Kirk-Fu

By Rabittooth
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Yes! You too can master the extraordinary fighting skills and style of the one and ONLY Captain James Tiberius Kirk! Act Now! Supplies are limited!

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I once saw an interview in which Shanter admitted that the "dropkick" was basically useless--you'd just bounce ineffectively off your opponent in real life.

Still...definitely an iconic move. :)
AloiInTheSky's avatar
XD so cool. And ripped shirt of course ^^
So you did not ever do a volume two?
Rabittooth's avatar
Naw. The Kirk-Fu moves were exhausted.
BalloonPrincess's avatar

Perfect and logical too.  :)
PowerRCP-G3's avatar
Imagine it there was a school for teaching Kirk-Fu, that would be cool. Yes, the newer Star Trek movies are good and all, but always respect the originals. 
MercenaryGraphics's avatar
I'm practicing this on the laundry hanging on the line!
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The entire piece is made of awesome, but you deserve bonus points for turning Gary Mitchell into a Klingon and "fixing" Kirk's rank braid in the same image. :thumbsup: Star Trek Yes 
Rabittooth's avatar
aha! First person to have noticed that! Had to give him the black collar too. Good eye!
morpheus-cf's avatar
My pleasure! :TipOfTheHat: by stuck-in-suburbia

I hope there will be another installment at some point. The three-on-Kirk fight from "Gamesters of Triskelion" could provide enough material all by itself.
AntecessorCannibal's avatar
You may know Ka-Razy, but I know Kirk-Fu!
linus108Nicole's avatar
omg yes those are totally his go-to moves haha 
Rabittooth's avatar
it is indeed .... Kirk-Fu.
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but yeah, all fun aside.. -cough- you do know that those chops were often almost as effective as the "Vulcan Neck Pinch".
Heck BETTER In a couple of episodes where he clearly didn't even TOUCH his victim. He just chopped the air near them ...once... and they went down in a heap.

Also a couple of his Kirk Fu punches were just as magically effective... just one blow with little apparent power(and sometimes at short distances) and complete knock-out.
There's nothing quite like the power and effectiveness of Kirk Fu bad it won't be invented until hundreds of years from now... in an alternate universe. 

(BTW another aspect of Kirk Fu is the power to change your body form and facial structure in the middle of the most physically difficult parts of the fight and then revert back again moments later... with hair back in place.)

are you still selling this?
MrsAnnaHolmes's avatar
Your shirt of course must be ripped half off of you during your Kirk-Fu training...
Rabittooth's avatar
Goes without saying. Also be sure to wipe a small amount of blood from the corner of your mouth at some point with the back of your hand.
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interestingly this shows the only two instances in which the double fisted back blow was ineffective.
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