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uhhhhhh feel free to ignore this if you want it's just me venting/rambling sorry

I honestly wish I was better at focusing, I've got a bunch of homework for my Shakespeare class overdue and two or three things to draw that I promised people and a bunch of stuff I want to draw but no matter how much I say I'm going to do it I always end up distracted or side tracked.

It's always a case of me planning to do something, like draw, but then getting an idea to draw that isn't what I'm supposed to do, or I say I'll work on my missing assignments starting at 2:30 and then I look at the clock and it's 2:42 so I think "Oh, I should wait till it's 2:45 or 3:00." And I know it's probably a time management issue more than anything else, and that I should just sit down and get it done and over with but then I still get sidetracked. And I can't really separate myself from my computer while working on the assignments because they're online. I've tried rewarding myself like "if I get X done I can have Y cookies" but then I eat the cookies anyway because they're mine and I want them and I cant get anything done to be able to get one.

Idk, it's a weird thing where I probably get why this is happening subconsciously but I'm an idiot about it and can't really figure it out.
  • Listening to: my cat making that know the one,"prroow"
  • Reading: my shakespeare assignments
  • Watching: my cat sit on a paper bag
  • Eating: too much candy and also half a fuckin calzone
  • Drinking: woter but i did have dr. pepper before
Tomorrow I evolve into an adult, I can't wait to be eligible for a healthcare power-up and flexible work hours bonus.
I'm also receiving a new laptop and food, gonna be a good day I think
I've been logged out of the app at least 3 times today, once while using it. This happened yesterday too. It's incredibly annoying. I don't have the issue in my phone browser or on my computer.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem or why it might be happening?
What do you guys look for in adopts? What features draw you in and make you interested in the adopt?
My friend, :iconbuttons-pastell-star: currently has a GoFundMe to help them get out of an abusive group home and to a safer place.
It would mean a lot to donate to this, and if you can't donate then please consider spreading their GoFundMe any way you can or commissioning them (through the widget on their page).

The GoFundMe is currently at about 45% of the $7,000 goal!

Their GoFundMe can be found here:…

Their commission prices and other information can be found here:
  Opening Commissions(EDIT-5/1/18)Please Remember 
100Points = $1
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To anyone who watches me or reads this, I'm going to (finally) spam my DA and Wattpad with art that I've done over the past few days/weeks/months. DA will probably have less spam today, since I want to try and get on a sort of uploading schedule. If anyone who reads this would like to see what I'm going post on Wattpad today (plus what I've posted in the past) then I'll gladly post a link to my art book.
That's all for now, I hope you all have a wonderful day!  ^_^