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I'm mostly a pencil and paper kind of girl when it comes to drawing. I don't claim to be awesome at it, but I think I'm good. I'm better when I have something to look at than when it comes out of my head unless I'm having a really superb drawing day. Which is rare.

Even more so than drawing I love writing songs and poetry. I write in song form a lot because I desire to sing my own songs one day though the likelihood of that happening is slim. Thanks to some intense creative writing classes in the recent past I have come to love my general poetry writing, as well.

I welcome all comments and/or questions. : D
  • Listening to: "Stay with me" Erika Sawajiri
  • Reading: "Rain" V.C. Andrews
  • Watching: Harry Potter Series
  • Playing: Final Fantasy X
  • Eating: Too Much Junk
  • Drinking: Diet Pepsi