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Who knew the brush of fingertips could be translated
Not into words; but into sensations not felt with the hands
Sensations felt with the heart and soul as flutters and pauses
Pauses that seem to last a lifetime but occur in a breath
A whisper containing the weight of every moment like this one
So seemingly concrete I can almost hold them in my palm
And count them as a measure of how much our love is worth
Priceless artifacts of our history not yet dusty in their youth
Slipping through my fingers in their already overwhelming numbers
Settling back into our memories still warm from my touch
To be recalled as a beginning to our once upon a time
When the time becomes long, long ago and we still speak
In the silent language of a shared moment between fingertips
I wrote this in the spirit of my two year anniversary with my husband. The anniversary was in celebration of when we started dating on November 13, 2006. A date that changed both of our lives forever and began a love that's still going strong. I wanted to write something that encompassed that as well as knowing that no matter how much time passes we'll be able to let each other know just how much we mean to one another with nothing more than holding hands and the emotions that can be shared in that one moment.
I-Prefer-Winter Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2008
Thats brilliant. Its rare to find a love poem on here with such depth.
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