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Title: Butterflies wish they could be like you.

I've always sympathized with the moth
Butterflies of the night
Competing with their sunlit counterparts
Their graceful beauty gifted by God

I've waited my whole life
For the cacoon to set me free
Only to realize this is it
Doomed to the shadows of "if only"

But that's okay
Because you're light is worth it all
Loving you is like oxygen
Like a moth to the flames
And you make me feel
Like even butterflies should be ashamed
When I'm with you, all ese fades
And I'm not so ordinary anymore
Title quoted from my husband about me during a phone conversation when he was at MOS school concerning a moth on my ceiling and how I empathized with them, having to compete with the awesomeness of butterflies but always failing to reach the same level.
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Submitted on
August 16, 2008
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