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Hey all,

I've been wanting to improve my status in the community for a while now, but with not much luck. Knowing that commissions are still kind of a new thing for me, I wanted a way for people to see that I was worth while to commission. While I can't really compete with social popularity, I figured I could show possible commissioners that I am able to do quality work AND that I have good customer service skills - because this always makes the process easier for both sides.

So, while working on Livestream, I decided it would be pretty cool to have a review system for commissioners. They can grade me and make comments that would be available for the public to see. Also, they would provide feedback on to ways I could improve. How would I do that, you ask? Well, amazingly, Google Docs had the perfect solution! Now, I'm still playing with what should I ask on the survey, and I'm also question whether I should use numbers or letters for grading, but this is pretty much the gist of it. The public form that will show every review left is here:…

As you can see, it's pretty empty at this point, but this is where I ask former commissioners to feel free to complete the survey for me, so I can start building a database. I think it would be awesome for everyone to try it, as I believe it will help you to start building a clientele of sorts.

So, if you would like to fill out the survey, you can click the link below here:…
(Please only fill in this form if you have commissioned me in the past, thanks.)

Anyways, thats all for me now. Thanks everyone!
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