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..Real Paper Stamp..
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Published: November 3, 2008
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Okay, so I couldn't help making another stamp after the first one. Maybe I'll make more since they're easy and fun. *shrugs* At least it would mean I'm posting art more often.

Anyway, just a shout-out to those of you who actually have to use real paper when drawing, whether it lined or white or whatever. Not all of us have photosLop and a tablet. Okay, really I love photoshop and would use it if I had it, but oh well. What'ev.
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Randamu-ChanHobbyist General Artist
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LadylollypopHobbyist General Artist
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tmma1869Hobbyist General Artist
I use Photoshop for editing but I only draw on real paper before inking, coloring, and editing. Besides, my digital art attempts suck compared to traditional art.
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Mirria1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Same, I don't hthe money for any of that fancy stuff.
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That's me exactly...I'm strictly traditional!
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JunetheArtistStudent General Artist
I actually like to draw on both real paper and on a tablet. Sometimes I kind of go back and forth on what I want to draw on.
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I can't use tablets or digital art. For one thing: I don't have anything to draw outside of paper anyways. Second thing: I tried using the paint app that came on my computer, it didn't feel right, and I went back to drawling with my paper.
So now I'm stuck with using my phone to take pictures of my art, THEN posting it.
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Kokoro-Hane General Artist
YESSSS! I still use real paper, I don't have a tablet and I'd probably always prefer traditional because digital tools can never compare to the feel of a real pencil and inking pen. I admit though that I do color my traditional works on computer, since traditional coloring is too outta my price range xD
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Murasaki99Student Traditional Artist
This is wonderful, and totally true, there's nothing like the feel of real paper and media.  :boing:
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Horsemens-WhiskeyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love my paper!
I have to say if every for those whom depend too much on the computer to do ll the work, I guess they may end up having a heart attack when the lights and phones go out Xd
Zombi applocplypes, terroists, our natural weather/weather anomalies.
But I'[m happy to feel that I won't feel so handicapped as others would complain over, they think a technical challenge.
It's all mental.
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HadoukenAmAHobbyist General Artist
Awesome c:
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LadylollypopHobbyist General Artist
yikz's avatar
personally i like to use fake paper
Horsemens-Whiskey's avatar
Horsemens-WhiskeyHobbyist Traditional Artist
It's not fake paper, its just a computer screen in pixels-although I know what your implying.
Well if the lights go out and the electricity fail then you have no choice but to use paper and get dirty with real medium tools ^.^ Heheh

I love traditional and mix media. But I'm adaptable and if the lights go out I just get to be more creative and have more fun with the obstacle ^.^

One day the machines will fail you know and I won't be surprised really, we depend on machines too much, just in the same way we communicate.
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VenomousSoliloquyHobbyist Digital Artist
Took that snarky comment a little too seriously.
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BlackOlive-ProdsHobbyist General Artist
I use real paper too! I like to use paper!
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ChilloHaus Traditional Artist
heyy, me too! :D
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Wishinglove854 Traditional Artist
i love to use paper so im useing this thank you!
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commissar-pijjinStudent Writer
as opposed to using fake paper because that'd be really really silly 
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WTHappenedStudent Interface Designer
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SherubiiGDHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't a tablet soo this works for me.
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Rabid-WeaselsStudent General Artist
I, too, use a tablet.  It's less about not using other things, and more about remembering your roots.  Even the top professionals often still start with a sketch on paper.
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SherubiiGDHobbyist Traditional Artist
Right? C:
I just if I wanted a tablet I get like fancy one with a screen because I hate looking up and and trying to see what I am doing doesn't help me much. 
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