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[KH] R.girl fills out the Screenshot Meme

This is how I filled out the Screenshot Meme for Kingdom Hearts, a video game series by Disney and Square Enix.

The original meme template can be found here:

Lol, don't ask me to choose between Sora & Demyx when picking my favorite KH character. XD

My favorite pairing is platonic Axel/Saix. Add my OT3 (AkuRokuShi) to it, and you get my OT4 (AkuSaiRokuShi). However, if we have to do romance, then I'm going with Terrella. :3

Aqua is Ven's mommy. Not his girlfriend. >: (

I also did the meme for the Rurouni Kenshin manga: [link]
And the How To Train Your Dragon movie: [link]

Anyway, this was a fun meme, I enjoyed filling it out. ^_^
...In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I've been filling it out for my friends, too. XD Here they are: [link]
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8. RUN RUN AWAY! XD Oh Demyx, always so random~
9. I cried too, that scene surprised me and made me feel all sorts of emotions I couldn't even understand what I was feeling anymore ._.
12. XD Now that, is a beautiful face.
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I LOVE random humor and silly humor, which Demyx has oodles of. X3 :heart:

Nomura, let my OTP be happy already. -.-
TacticianofFlight's avatar
X3 yes, Demyx is just adorable! :3 randomness is awesome.
Axel and Saix were great friends, and Xehanort did the awful and broke them apart. I hate Xehanort XD
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I fail forever at these kinds of things, but since you're curious, here's what my answers would be (and look! I signed in again! :P) :

2. Zexion (But that's really, really hard, and really, Roxas and Vanitas actually beat him out in different ways, and I'm a fan of the Organization as a whole. And that's without considering Disney characters; but I kind of feel it's not fair to have Maleficent or Prince Phillip counted in these kinds of lists, because they're in a league of their own.)

3. Zexion: Because we're soul twins forever. Roxas: Because I'm a fan of tragic characters, and he's the one that UTTERLY SMASHED MY HEART INTO PIECES. (Namine and Axel come close for this spot, as well) Vanitas: Because he hits me in the same way that Sirius in HP does, which means he's my favorite to write. (I think I get WAY too much of a kick out of my daddy!Vanitas XD) Organization XIII: Because they're awesome. Nuff said. :P

4. DiZ/Ansem the Wise

5. Because his god complex pisses me off. :/

6. Axel/Roxas, in any way (Terrella's probably second, with SoNami in third, and AquVan in fourth)

7. Eek. Er. Tie between RokuShi, RokuNami, and MarVex. *headdesk* I can't decide if I hate RokuShi or RokuNami more, so they just go together, and I can't decide if I hate MarVex more than the other two. So, yeah. :/

8. When Auron's all, "I suppose I should thank you,", and Sora's trying to play it off, and then Auron's just, "Fine," and starts to walk away, and then Sora's all o.O "You could thank us a little bit." And Auron responds with, "You should say what you mean." *beat* "Thanks for meddling." XD XD XD

9. When Roxas dies at the end of the KH2 Prologue. :( I'm also a mess throughout Re:Chain of Memories.

10. Uhh...I'm just going to go with the scene in CoM when Namine stands up to Larxene. Because it has Larxene being glorious in it, and Namine finally holding her ground and defending Sora, and it comes right before Donald and Goofy come to Sora's rescue and make me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME, so yeah, awesomeness all around. :)

11. I don't know how to answer this question. I suppose I would use a picture from the AMAZING SCENES between Terra and Maleficent. :P

So, there you have it.
raberbagirl's avatar
Yaaaayyyy! :D Do you mind if I screenshot your answers when I get a chance? ^^ This meme is so freaking fun....

Wow, I wasn't expecting Zexion as top favorite! I know you like him a lot, and I know what you mean about liking different characters best in different ways, but interesting that Zexion would beat out the others by a hair overall. ^^

That Auron scene was so great. XD

Larxene seriously needs more screentime in this series. (So does Demyx. You know what, Nomura, just make us another game about the Org, except let it be the WHOLE Org this time instead of just AkuRokuShi, ok? Thanks. ^^ XD)
AshleyKiryn's avatar
Nah, I don't mind at all! :D

*repeated headdesking* He isn't top favorite, in a way...but he also is. I dunno, it's hard to describe. I suppose it's just easier for me to default to him, because unlike in most things, in which I always have a top favorite that beats out everything KH, I DON'T AT ALL. This series tears me in so many different ways, ESPECIALLY when it comes to choosing favorite characters. So...Zexion. He's easy, he's safe, he's my soul twin, and he just sort of...soothes me in a way? It just gets hard to choose him completely when I love the most of the rest of the Org so much, and with Vanitas being the attention whore that he is in my writing....

It really was. I love Auron so much. XD

OMG, YES, SHE REALLY, REALLY DOES. AND SERIOUSLY. MAKE THIS HAPPEN. And especially have more of the Castle Oblivion crew with the Org as a whole. (*cries* WHY DID YOU ALL HAVE TO DIIIIIIEEEEEE?!) Or at least have more of Larxene talking. And don't put this new game on the DS, either, with limited cutscene potential. :/

If you do screenshot my answers, under the Terra/Maleficent picture, I think I'd want the caption to be something like, "So much love and awesomeness colliding". Because that's what so much of Enchanted Dominion in BBS basically is for me, and KH in general---my ultimate fangirl heaven. (Because seriously....Maleficent being her evil BAMF self, Terra D-linking her, Aqua and Phillip partnering up against dragon!Maleficent?! LOVE FOREVER UNTIL THE END OF TIME.)
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Hey! Almost done, but just realized that you never gave me a candid camera shot. XD
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*sits down to watch/read* Cutscene time!!

Bwahaha, you caught Demyx with his cue cards/Sora goofing like a pro on camera xD And daaamn, you did pick the right scene for Xehanort being the king of all jerks...

AkuSaiRokuShi ^-^ Just as expected! The image for Axel, Roxas and Xion is really nice... lawl, I can't remember from which game it is though... fairly sure it's from the BBS Secret Ending :) (Got that one today! So happy~ Sorry, just had to share that with someone...) And Terrella for the win :aww: They were just too cute, and Terra would be a more interesting prince in any case...

Zaaack!!! That smile... so cute- I haven't just said that. Once again, good pick.

Aww, the summary-screenshot was one of my faves... the :hug: was adorable...

Hehe, looked like you had fun with it :)
raberbagirl's avatar
Demyx is so cuuuuuuuuute! XD I love adorably stupid characters. ^^ ^^ ^^

X3 Yuss. I didn't know if it had to be romance or not, so I did both, because I love my OTP/3/4 more than any romance.... X3

The AkuRokuShi screenshot is from the KH3D opening sequence. :) Which is AMAZING, btw. It's pretty much a visual recap of the entire series, it PWNS!

You got BBS?! :D Yaaayyyy! That's my second-favorite game of the series. ^_^

So much Terrella ship-teasing in canon.... And yes, Terra would definitely make a more interesting prince. ;)

I LOVE ZACK. 8D 8D 8D 8D And his English voice actor is fantastic. I love so much that Zack made it into KH. ^^

I did have fun with it! :D
Raxemi's avatar
I find Demyx cute as well, until the 'Silence, traitor' bit. But that's to be expected, I guess...

And the game is about friendship, darn it! It needs more fan-screentime, god's sake.

Waaah~ I really can't wait for that game...

Terrella was probably _the_ crack pairing that came from nowhere. I'm sure Disney (at least) has to be baffled by the fan attitude on that- one of their characters got shown the door after all xD

That makes two of us loving Zack. He's too adorable ^-^ And w00t for the voice actor as well!
raberbagirl's avatar
LOL, have you seen the "Silence, traitor" line in Japanese? His voice gets so deep, it's hilarious. XD

I'd love to see Disney's reaction to Terrella's popularity! XD
Raxemi's avatar
2 personalities means two voices. It's almost a trope I think... but yeah, it goes overboard. Then it reverts to high with the 'Dance water, dance!' thingy xD

Mickey's jaw hitting the floor, or a general facepalm, or the O_o face... if they take it too seriously. They'd probably laugh and tease us some more, I imagine... or handwave it away somehow. What would happen if Terra got back and somehow Cinderella remembered him? Apart from the fans going berserk, I mean...
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