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Rarity by sererena Rarity :iconsererena:sererena 7,437 455
Too Shy for a Rainbow Chap 2
Chapter 2
Fluttershy panted heavily as she lay on the cloud. Her wings were sore and her energy was low. She wasn't sure how much longer she could keep this up, it was exhausting her.
"Are you finished already? We've barely gotten any flying in today!" Rainbow sighed, hovering over the tired Fluttershy.
"I'm sorry…" Fluttershy squeaked as she shakily got up onto all four hooves again.
"You're never going to keep your grades up if you don't get into better shape." Rainbow said flying down and forcing her on to her feet, spreading her wings and getting her into a flight stance, much to Fluttershy's dismay. "Okay, give me another speed lap around the loops. And GO." Rainbow yelled out before blowing on a whistle.
Fluttershy let out a soft cry before flying forward as quickly as he wings could carry her. Her wings had developed early and grown larger, but they weren't very strong despite that. Rainbow could only groan at Fluttershy's top speed, not even being a third of what she could
:iconjake-heritagu:jake-heritagu 68 31
Dejeneva the Guardian by jesonite Dejeneva the Guardian :iconjesonite:jesonite 2,685 138 I Can Hear the Ocean by johnjoseco I Can Hear the Ocean :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 3,018 246 Late Night Studying by Tsitra360 Late Night Studying :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 1,830 299
Too Shy for a Rainbow Chap 1
-This Fic Contains Shipping between the Mane Cast. If you're not into shipping, it's not a required read. The rest of you, enjoy freely! ^_^-
Chapter 1
"Hey, are you down here?" Came the cracking voice of a developing Pegasus as she flew down from the cloud city of Cloudsdale.
Fluttershy's ear perked up as she looked up at the sky from the ground, the animal friends that had gathered around her beginning to move away, returning to their lives before she had arrived.
"There you are." The rainbow haired Pegasus said landing on the ground next to the skinny-legged yellow Pegasus, "What're you doing down here? You missed the whole race! Which I won, of course!" The Rainbow Pegasus back flipped in the air before landing on the ground next to her.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not a very good flyer so when I fell I panicked and wasn't able to stop myself…but the animals down here stopped my fall. I helped them out for their kindness, and look," Fluttershy stood up and turned her body so the rainb
:iconjake-heritagu:jake-heritagu 105 67
Summertime Fillies by johnjoseco Summertime Fillies :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 3,494 189 Octavia Battle Theme Art by Jeffthestrider Octavia Battle Theme Art :iconjeffthestrider:Jeffthestrider 97 21 Natural Rarity by WayraHyena Natural Rarity :iconwayrahyena:WayraHyena 140 19 Dammit Fluttershy Take Two by CobraCookies Dammit Fluttershy Take Two :iconcobracookies:CobraCookies 2,239 226
A New Breed: Chapter 8
Chapter 8
"Wheels within wheels"
            The air was thick and heavy like a woolen blanket, comforting and stifling all at once. Marble arches stretched to meet in the center of the spacious room, where a single wrought iron lamp was hung by a chain. Despite this single lamp, the room was awash in light, ensuring each of the eight alcoves were clearly visible. From one alcove a pony could enter this room from the rest of the memorial, a solemn place created to remember those who had fallen in the service of Princess Luna's "Agency", to remember those Specials who gave their lives to protect Equestria from the invading danger of the Imps.
            In the nearest six of the alcoves to the entry rested a statue of one of "The Six", the first specials of Equestria, flanking the e
:icontcpolecat7:TCPolecat7 13 40
Before You Lose Consciousness by Noben Before You Lose Consciousness :iconnoben:Noben 172 37 Cutie Mark Symbolism by SweetieBelle-FiM Cutie Mark Symbolism :iconsweetiebelle-fim:SweetieBelle-FiM 249 181 Penny Wrap by jollyjack
Mature content
Penny Wrap :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 2,595 176
Dark Tina 2.0 Ver. by freelancemanga Dark Tina 2.0 Ver. :iconfreelancemanga:freelancemanga 297 32 We're Going to a Party by jake-heritagu We're Going to a Party :iconjake-heritagu:jake-heritagu 269 129





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