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Blooming Flower - 1
Every step made her belly throb and ache and whine for some morsel of food, big or small, just anything to please its desperate demands. Her parched throat burned, feeling as dry as the hottest desert. Her limbs trembled and ached, but she continued stumbling.
Ponyville. She hadn't ever been there – that she remembered anyways, but she was sure there was plenty of food for her to eat. Surely there were unattended gardens and berry bushes somewhere. Her belly and heart feeling slightly lighter, she galloped down into the bustling town.
"Oh, Discord, come on!" Fluttershy squealed in distress, trying to grab onto her new set of dazzling plates before they became bananas and pineapples. Like a stingy child, she grabbed onto and tightly held the surviving plates, pressing them tightly to her chest and drawing up her knees.
The impish spirit hovered above her, talon raised threateningly, pointed towards her new favorite rose decorated plate. At seeing this, the pegasus latched he
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Brohoof by saturnspace Brohoof :iconsaturnspace:saturnspace 3,172 372 The Last Sentinel Cover by Sw1tchbl4de The Last Sentinel Cover :iconsw1tchbl4de:Sw1tchbl4de 116 10 Chapter 35: Oh Glorious Queen Whiskey by Foreling Chapter 35: Oh Glorious Queen Whiskey :iconforeling:Foreling 352 99
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Fireball! - 1 of 5
"One does not care to acknowledge the mistakes of one's youth."
- Char Aznable, Mobile Suit Gundam
Several Years After The Defeat Of Nightmare Moon...
The Final Frontier
(Filled With Infinite Magical Energy)
"Space... is... awesome."
Twilight Sparkle's smile was nearly as huge as the celestial body she'd just managed to teleport herself to. Barely able to contain her giddiness, she levitated her communicator out of her saddle bag and spoke into it.
"Mission Control, this is Sparkle One, do you copy? Over."
Some time passed before the communicator crackled to life, and a reply was heard. "Huh? Twilight, is that you? What's a 'Sparkle One?'"
Twilight giggled and sighed. "Oh, Spike. Sometimes I swear you have no sense of atmosphere. But we'll chat about that later. The spell was a success! Mission accomplished! I'm here!"
"Whoa, you mean it? You're..." Spike's voice crept to a whisper. "'re on the moon?"
Twilight padded the ground with her
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