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Shadowrun assault rifle

By raben-aas
This is a piece of equipment I did for the German Shadowrun sourcebook "Arsenal 2070" by Pegasus Games [link]

This item is an assault rifle featuring a double magazine, each one carrying 100 shots of ammo (200 shots total).
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looks like LSAT with double drum mag. nice work

i see this as something that by looks should be a auto shotgun. i would like a weapon like that, as it from the looks of it would be a great one
Beautiful heavy weaponry. It looks very intimitating by the overcasting of the drum mags. Good job.
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Modernized version of the Beta-C Magazine. I like.

Good idea to add the cooling shroud as well. Assault rifles aren't exactly designed to fire so many rounds so quickly without at least some pause for reloading.
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Thx! I try to gice Scifi designs at least SOME thought :)
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Too many artists don't.

As a gun nut, I approve. :D
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Wow! Normally I'm happy to get just a "no mention" on DS/TGD :) An approval by a gun nut is a giant step ahead :)
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Yeah, well, wait until you make something that a gunSMITH doesn't find an issue with. ;)
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Nice drawing. Is there an ejection port or does it fire caseless?
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Most firearms in Shadowrun use caseless ammo.
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Whats the Calibre?
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Shadowrun never tells us. :(
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