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Shadowrun Limousine

By raben-aas
This is a piece of equipment I did for the German Shadowrun sourcebook "Arsenal 2070" by Pegasus Games [link]

This item is a luxury limousine. The pic itself is actually nicer than the one featured in the Arsenal. Part of the problem with the Arsenal artwork was that the Arsenal is somewhat of a patchwork of styles from different artists as it is. To establish one single style in the German book was impossible (as it wasn't possible to re-do all pix), so I at least tried to not add another completely new look. So all vehicle artwork was black and white only instead of "prettier" versions in grayshades.
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Is that the Batmobile?
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sieht ser edel und geräumig aus ^^ is schöhn geworden :D
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It looks like a car from GTA2. They were futuristic modelled cars based on 1950s cars.
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Actually, I have seen several cases where car designs of the 50s, 40s or even 20s/30s were used for futuristic car designs (most notably the movies "Immortal" and "The Fith Element").

I took the idea from Sin City (being a flick that represents a lot of how SR feels to me).

The car itself is based on a Rolls Royce Phantom crossbred with a Studebaker Champion.