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Hive Hack

This is a pic for the German ROBOTER sourcebook for TRAVELLER RPG by 13mann (the German license holder of Mongoose's Traveller).

Shown here is a Hiver (member of an alien race) who happens to be a crack at hacking.
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Brilliant use of silhouette, depth of field, and a real mastery of tone. It tells the story very economically, setting up a mood as well as illustrating the scene. I've always loved the Hivers, probably one of the most alien sentient races ever in a RPG. And you've done one of the very best depictions of them, ever!
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Oh, wow, thank you. Almost makes me wanna do a fullcolor wallpaper or poster of some hiver po...sing :)
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hivers are disturbing. they have sex through their hands... does that make this porn?
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... must burn pictures outta my head ...
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"that which has been seen , cannot be unseen; but can be pushed out by the insertion of metal at high speed!"----tabbat8 :)
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i remember ages back , having read the write up on hivers, and during a roleplaying session, the guy playing the hiver held on to another guy's hand, continuously shaking it until some one else said " hey! don't they f@ck with their hands? why is he still shaking?" then the second guy started struggling to get his hand free. broke the game up completely because we couldn't stop laughing about "chester the hiver" ;)
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Wow, neat to see someone doing a Hiver... and in such an innovative way. It almost has the quality of an electron micrograph.
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Whee, thanks! :)
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